Friday, January 23, 2015

Postcard Fascination

Howdy! I haven't been blogging here in a while. I guess you could say life happens. It's been three weeks down another new year. How time flies indeed! ^_^ 

I discovered not too long ago this website that enables one to send and receive postcards from around the globe. I must say it got me fascinated as I used to have international pen pals when I was in my teens. I guess I thought that snail mail has gone out of style. Boy, was I ever wrong! 

Instagram is a fascinating smartphone app as it led me to rediscover that I actually would like to receive postcards from all around the globe. I used to have a collection when I was younger, but I lost it all when we moved to another place. Pity indeed! Now, I will get another chance at starting over with my postcard collection! Travelling is a lot more expensive. Perhaps even in postcards, I would get to realize my dream of travelling the world. 

I have been sending out postcards for three weeks now. I have yet to receive one in the mail. I'm sure a few of them are on their way. My, I've forgotten how long it actually takes for snail mail to arrive at its destination. LOL! ^_^

I was tempted to start another blog for my postcard fascination, but thought better of it. I guess since I'm quite new to Postcrossing, I won't be getting lots of postcards at the onset. I can add updates here now and then when I do get some positive news regarding my "new" hobby. Till then, I have something new to look forward to every day. 

You may want to try joining Postcrossing too, esp. if you'd like to get surprises in your mailbox. I know I do! ^_^ Well, till next post... ta-tah!

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