Sunday, January 30, 2011

And Another Month Comes to an End... (January 2011)

Yes, it's one of those days when I'm not feeling quite up to it. True, I love the weekends. Although since I've started working from home, there's not much of a difference. LOL! At least I work in my own time, my own way. Plus, there's time to do some offline freelance stuff. Well, if there's something lacking right now, it would more support from family on what I do. But I don't dwell on that. I'm just bent on making this work out fine, and I'm working towards that day by day. I somehow know that all will be well.. soon! :D

OK so now onwards to more updates. What's keeping me busy? Lots of stuff! There's my daily PTC visits and there are the traffic exchanges I go to daily to keep promoting my programs and network with other online marketers. Aside from my website ( that I'm trying to improve and promote, I also put up a page on Facebook ( I'm promoting that as well to all friends and basically everyone interested in online earning opportunities. It's a work in progress and I'm still working on updates and improvements for that page. So many stuff in planning that sometimes 24hours doesn't seem enough. LOL! ^_^

So here are some good results from surf promos I've joined this month. I must admit that I put them together so I can create a single blog entry. Sometimes, one tends to be lazy too. :P I've been surfing Grade A Traffic for a while. It's a good site owned by Jason Wise who also runs The10KTeam and AdsandCash. I'm happy to say that I'm a member of both as well. I did stop surfing in that site since I wasn't winning much and that somehow discouraged me. But then I added a tracker link there and saw some really good feedback so I decided it would be a good move to start surfing GAT actively once again. I'm happy to share these unexpected winnings too. I hope these won't be the last of them. LOL!

unexpected win at GAT
won credits - finally!

Naturally I didn't pass up a chance to surf 350 and earn $1 at ChessAds. I think it's really cool that you just input a code, surf the required sites and voila! get credited right away. I believe that more TEs should have this feature. Here's the proof:

And of course, I'm a regular at Eternity Traffic and I do join surf promos there once in awhile, mostly those with TEs I'm a member of already. Here are results from promos with Website Traffic Hog and SkyScraper Surf. No, I don't always win.. but I do get lucky sometimes. ^_^ Here's some more proof:

How cool is that, huh? I'm just happy that my hard work is paying off. Last for now is the surf promo between Traffic Showdown and Volcano Hits. That was for celebration of Australia Day. Woohoo! 

Of course, I always surf at Traffic Showdown and it has lots of really good prizes daily! Plus, you do earn $0.30 per 1000 sites visited, but you need to be an upgraded member. That's a recent change in the site. I guess the move is to weed out surfers who are just out to surf for cash and not really serious about online marketing. Well, that's it for now.. I gotta get back down to some serious surfing and marketing. Till next blog... ta-tah! ^_^

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Page on Facebook

Internet marketing is not a joke. It's definitely not as easy as you would think either. I've been working my butt off these past months and I've been reading up too on various ways to drive traffic to one's sites. I'm doing my best to accomplish as much as I can in order to make this venture a successful one. No, I'm not rich yet and residual income isn't on autopilot yet, but I did know it's not going to be quick or easy to accomplish both when I decided to walk down this path. What is important at this point is to set mini goals for myself. So far I've been able to achieve them little by little. There's much work to be done still at this point. And I'm still holding on. 

In my previous post, I posted a video that I uploaded on YT. And I'm just thankful that I've a talented daughter to help me with that. In this post, I'm sharing the Facebook page I made for my online earning adventure. It's a work in progress, but I intend to add as much information as I can in order to reach more people. After all, I don't just intend to establish residual income to benefit myself and my family, but I also want to reach out and help newbies out there who want to start out in this venture. The more successful people out there, the better for everyone else. I do believe that there is abundance in the world and that wealth must be shared. Here's the screen shot of my Facebook page:

My Facebook Page
So far I've invited FB contacts to "like" my page. In the event that you also have a Facebook account, I'm inviting you to check it out. I hope you'll like what you see and add your "like" to my page too. Thanks in advance! ^_^

Well, gotta go for now. I still have marketing task to work on. Till next blogging time.. have a great weekend everyone! :D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

YouTube Promotion

Yup! I've been exploring various ways of promoting my site. I've been doing affiliate marketing for a few months now and have been reading up lots of articles to keep learning more. I've even subscribed to Kym Robinson's Simple Traffic Tactics newsletter. For those who aren't into surfing in Manual Traffic Exchanges, Kym is the owner of Traffic Showdown. I also read the TSD blog daily as it is very good read indeed. I pick up a lot of valuable information that helps me in my journey. Very recently, I uploaded a video to join a PTC contest that is ongoing until the end of the month. With the help of my daughter, the video came out really well in my opinion. I have yet to know the outcome but I'm hoping to land a good place in the contest. That actually gave me an idea to come up with some follow-up videos. Here's the most recent one that I uploaded to my YT channel. It's a promotional video for my site. I hope you'll like it. More importantly, I hope it will help drive traffic to my site.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day to Remember

I can't believe how time flies indeed! Today is the first death anniversary of my dad. I still somehow can't believe he's really gone. We have not been really close the few years prior to his passing, and yet I do miss the times when he was such a part of my life, esp. my growing up years. For some of you who have lost a parent or a loved one, you'll probably understand when I say that things don't really get better.True, time passes and the pain goes but you just somehow miss the fact that you'll never see them again. Then again, when a person becomes so much a part of you, they're never really gone. I guess I just want to remember this day solemnly and pass the time quietly. It's the perfect time to sit back a bit and reflect on life's teachings. Life is too short to be spent being bitter or sad. Besides, there is hope for as long there is tomorrow. ^_^ Pardon the melodramatic entry today. I just want to remember the day. It will be back to online work pretty soon. Till next blog... ta-tah!
Oh and do take the time to spend it with your loved ones. Show how much you love and appreciate them while they're still around :D Have a great day!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Make Your Own Splash Page

100th post! Wow! Indeed I've come this far. ^_^ Time flies when one is having fun. All I can say at this point is, my goal is to keep this blog as fresh and updated as often as I can. It's tough to commit to it on a daily basis, but I will try to have at least one new post at the very least once a week.

A few months down the line as an Internet marketer and I still have a lot to learn. It's a bit tough being new. There are lots of programs out there that you'll need to filter through. I've seen a lot of PTCs come and go. I've lost some potential earnings in a few of them. And so I'm a bit wary of joining newly launched PTC sites. I am happy to say though that the very first ones that I've joined are still up and running. It really pays to do your research before signing up for anything. 

My list of traffic exchanges has grown tremendously. I try not to join all the new ones. Instead, I'd rather maintain the ones I already have. So far that has been working for me. Splash pages and squeeze pages do work well in TEs. So today I will share about what I'm learning today. That's how to make my own splash page. There are a few sites out there that you can join for free.

Here's the link to one of the first splash pages I've made using Robert Puddy's Instant Squeeze Page Generator. MY FIRST SPLASH PAGE

Instant Squeeze Page Generator is a service offered by Robert Puddy (known for various Internet marketing tools and services). The service helps you create squeeze pages using a simple point and click system. It also gives you access to multiple templates and professionally designed graphics to help get you more opt-ins subscribers.

I found the Instant Squeeze Page Generator very straightforward and easy to use. You start out by choosing a template, using a background image, creating the headline, writing the main content, and finish it off by adding the code. Check it out today!

Next time around, I will try and explore the other free resources on making splash pages and share them here too. Till next blogging time... ta-tah! ^_^

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Music of Guillermo Vazquez

What is life without a little music?

"Without music life would be a mistake."  ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I listen to music when as I work online. Since I love working the night shift, all is quiet except for the music playing in the background. Yup! That somehow keeps me company. I like soft music, ones that tend to help you relax amidst all the hustle and bustle around. Instrumental music is even better.

If you go for Latin jazz and contemporary music, check out this site from a fellow surfer at Samurai Hits:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

OMG...Future Cyclers Will Try To Duplicate This Programs Brilliance!!


OMG..I am so glad I found this program and so proud to share it with you!!

Please drop what you are doing and get over Ez-Biz Quick Cash Today because...

Finally a cycler with a long-term vision in mind!!

Ez-Biz Quick Cash is comprised of the following components:

=> A one-time fee of $22.00 via Alertpay
=> A 2x2 cycler (6 members) with auto re-entries
=> First cycle: A position in Ez-BizBuilder ($43.75 value) and $10.00 cash
=> Second and subsequent cycles: $50.00 cash
=> $10.00 bonus for all cycling of personal recruits
=> Products: Downloads and advertising valued at 10 times the cost of your membership.
=> Banners, splash pages and ad copy to help you promote

Please refer to the "Details" and "FAQ" sections for additional information.

What did it cost? $22.00! We did say that you never will have to take another dime out of your pocket!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How To Get Autopilot Website Traffic For Free

Viral Traffic Frenzy is a new website that promises to deliver website traffic effortlessly. It's a pretty bold claim,especially with so many places making similar claims.

Visit Viral Traffic Frenzy:

It's created by Solomon Huey, who is well known and trusted by many in the Internet Marketing world. He's created several incredibly popular programs designed to help marketers with many topics, ranging from traffic generation to list building and more.

The way Viral Traffic Frenzy works they have a custom toolbar that attaches to your web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari, just like some of the other toolbars you may have seen or used. Naturally, the toolbar is free of any viruses or malware.

The installation is very easy and fast. If you've ever installed any plugins into your web browser, it's as easy as when you install other plugins. It should only take a couple of minutes to have the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar set up.

And that's when the magic starts happening...

Text ads appear on the Viral Traffic Frenzy toolbar every time you visit a new webpage. For every ad that displays on the toolbar, you earn advertising credits!

For example, you can go visit Google, check your email, visit Facebook, read the news, etc … and every time a new page loads, you're earning advertising credits thanks to the Viral Traffic Frenzy toolbar. Then you can use those credits to show your own advertisements.

With Viral Traffic Frenzy, you really ARE getting effortless and practically autopilot traffic.

Sounds good already? You can join Viral Traffic Frenzy here:

What I also really liked is their affiliate program.

Viral Traffic Frenzy pays some very nice commissions, but what blew me away was the insanely viral nature of Viral Traffic Frenzy.

You actually earn credits based your downlines' activity 10 levels deep. That means you could be earning traffic from potentially thousands of people in your downline!

Surprisingly, Viral Traffic Frenzy TRULY is an autopilot traffic generator and delivers on its promises in a big, big way.

Here is a quick overview...


* Getting great advertising was never so easy and fast. The Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar really delivers and has the power to increase your traffic and most importantly make you more money

* You can literally visit any website online and earn traffic with no effort at all, which means more traffic and sales coming your way

* Your advertising power can grow big very quickly, thanks to the viral components of Viral Traffic Frenzy. Basically, your downlines earn you traffic all the way down to 10 levels.

* A very generous affiliate program that pays excellent commissions. With an extremely easy to use program and a proven owner, expect a lot of your referrals to upgrade.

* Completely free to join, though an upgraded membership will multiply your results and increase your potential sales


* Need to install the Viral Traffic Frenzy Toolbar – though this only takes a couple of minutes and you'll only need to do it once

In the end, Viral Traffic Frenzy does everything it promises and more. Although you need to install their toolbar, it's not a hassle at all since you only do it once. Plus, after that you'll be enjoying free, high quality advertising for life.

Sounds worth it to me!

This truly is an amazing system, and I'm very thankful Solomon is giving it away for free.

Whether you're struggling to get traffic to your websites or just looking for more traffic sources, Viral Traffic Frenzy is sure to help you.

Since it's free, I highly recommend you join. There's nothing to lose, and the upside is you might be seeing more traffic, leads, and cash coming your way.
Join Viral Traffic Frenzy now:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Your Own Website -- For Free!


Yes, you are correctly reading this. One of the basic things that an Internet marketer needs is his/ her own website. When you are new to the field, it is but natural to be a bit limited in terms of financial resources. Until that elusive residual monthly income is set, you want to cut as much cost as you can. One of my fellow surfers and good online friend referred me to this site, and this is now where my website "Raincrystal - My Online Earning Adventure" is hosted. Check it out too if you need a website for your online marketing needs. 

If you need 468 x 60 banners such as the one above, check out Just click on the link or the banner below.

If you need 125 x 125 banners, on the other hand, I googled and found this other site. It has a lot of very nice templates that you can work around. The site is Here are some of the samples I made for my website:

All righty! Those are some of the resources I'm using at the moment. I would share more as I go along my journey. I hope that it would be helpful to all who are wondering where to find such resources. Tune in for more next time! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! ^_^

Referral Contest Winning

Yup! You read it right. This is about a referral contest winning. Well, most online newbies find it to be one of the major challenges in online marketing -- getting a referral. I am definitely no exception. I still work hard on promotions to be able to get more sign-ups for my programs. This, for me, is a mini victory. 

 I joined FairTradeTraffic because I was referred by a friend.  Aviar said that this traffic exchange holds weekend cash promos, 420 Friday. Top prize is $4.20. I do believe it 'coz I personally have won way back in December. When you sign-up for the first time, surf 100+ and submit a support ticket and you automatically get $1 and 420 credits, just like it says on the image above. Aside from surfing FTT on weekends, I often wait for an email as the owner does send them out whenever there's a nice promo going on at the site. It's best to surf during this time as it more or less guarantees a win. ^_^

If you aren't a member of this site yet, join this weekend as there's another round of promos going on. Grab that chance to win cash, credits, and banner/ text impressions. And to stay true to my blog title, here's the proof that I somehow got picked to win $10 in the referral contest held in the site. For me, it's not totally unexpected as I did send out mailings and even made a RevPage for FairTradeTraffic at APSense, a business social network where you can promote your programs and get paid. 

With that, I'd like to end this day's blog with a bit of encouragement.. believe in what you do, keep working at it, and soon you'll enjoy the benefits of your efforts. After all, you won't get anywhere if you don't do anything. Enjoy your weekend! Till next blog.. ta-tah! ^_^

Friday, January 14, 2011

Did You Say 'Resolution'?

The start of the year is always a good time to draft one's resolution. We've heard it often enough, esp. at the turn of the year. Somewhere, somehow, someone almost always has a 'New Year's Resolution.' What does it mean? Resolution is defined as...

1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination.
2. A resolving to do something.
3. A course of action determined or decided on. (source:

Based on the above definitions, let me now ask you.. have you drafted your New Year's Resolution? I will be honest in saying that I haven't had one in a few years. I don't exactly recall when I stopped making one. I can't explain it either. There are just changes in life when you somehow stop planning and decide to 'go with the flow.' I may not have drafted a concrete plan, but I'd say that I do draft goals. Perhaps they qualify as "mini resolutions." I draft them and revise as I go along my journey. One thing is for sure, though, I intend to succeed in whatever field I choose to be in. After all, success requires hard work and determination. ^_^ This year is much like every other year that has come and gone. It always starts with hope and lots of good things one looks forward to. And you won't know till end of the year whether you have indeed accomplished everything you have set out to achieve for that year. 2010 wasn't very kind to me or my family. It started with the passing of my dad, something we totally didn't expect at all. The year then was spent on trying to cope with the loss and moving on with our lives. I was grateful for everything that happened for 2010, but know and believe in my heart that this year will be better for me and my family. I guess then my resolution for the year should be 'to make 2011 better than last year or other years past.' :D Well, more updates on my online earning journey in the coming days and weeks... If you want to know more, do visit my website too..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Piolo Jose!

Glitter Words

Today, I want to blog about something from the lighter side of life. Yes, there is more to life than Internet marketing. I've been doing it constantly for the past three months that I do feel the need to take a break once in awhile from the monotony of life. You see, long before I discovered that one can actually earn money online, my surfing life consisted mostly of doing research for my graduate studies, getting more friends on friendster, posting in a celebrity forum, meeting with fave celebrities and sharing pics via my multiply account. Then came facebook and I was drawn into the various game applications! LOL ^_^ 

Now, I'm sharing a little something from that past. Tomorrow, January 12th is the natal day of Piolo Jose Pascual. PJ, as people who know him well call him, is a well-known local celebrity. In fact, he is branded as "the ultimate heartthrob." He can not only act very well, but he can also serenade you with his ballads. He is truly a talented artist. I started liking him when he starred in this tv series that I really liked, Lobo. (Just click on the links for more info) Anyway, I'm just thankful that with the help of some friends, who are avid Piolo Pascual fans, that I was able to meet him up close and personal a few times. PJ is truly a nice and sweet person. I'm sharing here my fave picture taken with PJ way back when he was still taping for Lobo (TV series).


Thank you for being kind to us during our taping visits in the past. I wish you all the best that life has in store for you! ^_^ 

For more about my past escapades, you can visit my multiply site: Rose's World

Sunday, January 9, 2011

YouTube Promotion

I'm sharing a link here of a promo video that my daughter and I worked on very recently. I actually got the idea 'coz one of my PTC sites is running a video making contest. I guess it doesn't hurt to give this style of promotion a shot. After all, I can think of a few success stories that started out from a video upload on YouTube. Enjoy! ^_^


Friday, January 7, 2011

CashFling - Surveys That Pay!

I recently found this site -- CashFling - and I'm still in the process of exploring it. There are many ways to earn credits and cash. Try it today! ^_^

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leftover Winnings from 2010

I have meant to write about these winnings before the year turned, but too many happenings were going on. Plus, the New Year is my fave time of the year and I somehow was more focused on welcoming it. LOL! ^_^ All righty, a few days down the year and I still have these to share. Here are some more winnings from surfing at my regular sites:

I won this from joining the surf promo between Eternity Traffic and StrikeControl.

This was a win from a three-way surf with Website Traffic Hog, Samurai Hits, & Electrifying Hits. I didn't win in the other two sites, but at least I won in one of them. LOL!

Double winnings at Volcano Hits. Yey! ^_^ I just joined VH when it had a surf promo with Eternity, but have grown to like surfing at the site! You can surf for cash in VH too. That's what I do. And occasionally, I win cash prizes from the prize pages.. like this one..

Here's my win at Traffic Showdown. It's another site that I truly like. Both VH and T.Showdown have daily blogs that I visit. Leaving a comment earns me credits that I truly appreciate. 

I recently won credits again at T. Showdown. Woohoo! The winnings are part of the reasons why I enjoy surfing at the different sites. Earning credits for my program is of course a big part of it, but earning cash on the side is indeed a bonus! ^_^ Here's from another new site that I joined recently, Astrology Surf.

I also won a one-month Top Level upgrade at AS. Yey! ^_^ So cool huh? I hope I keep winning at these TEs as they do add to income too! :D Well, that's it for now.. I will definitely keep you posted with my online earning adventure. In the meantime, I need to sit down, reflect, and plan my goals for the days, weeks, and months to come! It is Year 2011 already! ^_^ It's a perfect time to leave the past behind and move onwards to the future. Here's to a BETTER YEAR AHEAD! Till next blogging time... ta-tah! Do visit my website for more about my online earning adventure...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I just want to start the year with a New Year greeting! ^_^ HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. May 2011 bring you and your loved ones peace, prosperity, health, happiness, and love the whole year through.

Here's the fireworks video that my daughter took. It's just a short clip that I have uploaded to my youtube account as well. Hope you'll enjoy it! It was of course more spectacular to see it live!