Thursday, January 27, 2011

YouTube Promotion

Yup! I've been exploring various ways of promoting my site. I've been doing affiliate marketing for a few months now and have been reading up lots of articles to keep learning more. I've even subscribed to Kym Robinson's Simple Traffic Tactics newsletter. For those who aren't into surfing in Manual Traffic Exchanges, Kym is the owner of Traffic Showdown. I also read the TSD blog daily as it is very good read indeed. I pick up a lot of valuable information that helps me in my journey. Very recently, I uploaded a video to join a PTC contest that is ongoing until the end of the month. With the help of my daughter, the video came out really well in my opinion. I have yet to know the outcome but I'm hoping to land a good place in the contest. That actually gave me an idea to come up with some follow-up videos. Here's the most recent one that I uploaded to my YT channel. It's a promotional video for my site. I hope you'll like it. More importantly, I hope it will help drive traffic to my site.


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