Saturday, March 28, 2015

Postcards, Postcards, More Postcards...

It's time for another update about my postcards received from and If you're into postcard sending and receiving, I'd recommend that you check out both these sites. Anyway, I've received a few more to be added to my growing collection... note that these are official postcards received from both sites. I have a bigger number of postcards received from outside of these official sites.. mainly from swapping on IG and the Postcrossing forum. Here goes...

Sandra from Finland

Brrr! 2C indeed sounds too cold for me. It is after all summer now here in the Philippines. But I did love receiving this card that featured snow. I felt cooler just by looking at it. ^_^

Vika from Ukraine

I registered this card and discovered that it has been traveling for 51 days! Whoa! I didn't know it takes that long to travel from Ukraine to the Philippines. I'm glad I got it before the 60-day traveling time allotted on the site. It was in an envelope and was blank except for the ID code from Postcrossing. Upon checking I found out that the sender was also new to the site. I would have loved to read something about him/her. Oh well! It's my first card from Ukraine too.. so all is well! ^_^

Hans from the Netherlands
My first card from the Netherlands... Yey! ^_^ I have previously sent one card to the said country. I'm happy to have received one from it! It's pretty interesting too, don't you think? 

Tatyana from Russia
I have previously received a card similar to this also from Russia. It seems that there are lots of beautiful landscapes from that country. I wonder if I'd ever get a chance to visit there at all. 

Alyona from Russia
Russian illustration cards are truly lovely! I've previously also received a few from IG swapping. I just wish we also have more of these types of cards in the Philippines. I've found a few but they're a bit too expensive to be sent out casually. They're more ideal for a collector's series or the like. 

Olevsya from Russia
This card is from Russia too. It's the only one added to my Postcard United official cards. It's just the third card I've received from the said site. I guess the cards do take a little longer to get to their destination, esp. if they're from Russian countries. It really doesn't matter, as long as I still receive them. I do get worried when my mails get delayed. Ugghh! 

To date, I've sent 12 postcards and received 17 postcards from I still have around 6 travelling cards that have yet to reach their destinations. 

For Postcard United, I've sent out a total of 8 and have received a total of 3 at this time. I also have around 11 travelling cards -- 2 of which are past 50 days travelling time. I hope I get some more soon. 

Well, that's it for now. More updates soon... esp. the March stats once the month is over.. which will happen in a few days! ^_^

Enjoy your weekend! Ta-tah!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Postcard from South America

Just a quick update for today. I've received my first ever card from South America the other day. It's from the land of Pope Francisco, Argentina. Yey! It seems my cards take a long time to reach their destination there. In fact, one of my traveling cards got expired today, after traveling more than 60 days to Colombia. I truly wonder if it would ever be received. :(

Julio from Argentina

Pretty ad card, I'd say, although I would have preferred a view card. Oh well, perhaps next time around I'd get something nicer. ^_^

Lately, I'm into Postcrossing forum swapping. There are various themes and groups that one can join, although some take a longer time to be completed. However, I've noticed that forum swapping cards get sent faster than the ones I swap with on Instagram. I guess some swappers don't mail them out right away. I've still a few from a month back at least that I haven't received at this time. I hope they're not totally lost, wherever they may be. I'm still counting on receiving them... even if it takes more than two or even three months! Ugghh!

Well, till next update... ta-tah!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Going Gaga Over Diego Loyzaga

Arrgghh! I have every reason to react this way! And why not? I'm definitely too old -- overaged -- to be fangirling over a teen star. LOL! :) Yet, fangirling I am! I can't get over this M.A.C.Y. song since it was first featured on the show. It's now on my playlist that I keep playing over and over again!

Diego Loyzaga, plays Jay Fernandez a.k.a. Batman, on the Pinoy TV series Forevermore. He's a recent addition to the show. And I must say, I have started watching the show again because of his character. Jay, I suppose, is pegged to be the third wheel to the Xander-Agnes tandem, played by Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano.

I must admit that I have stopped watching most Pinoy TV series as the theme could be quite redundant. I initially watched Forevermore when it was first launched and quite liked it. However, when the going got too rough for the good people of La Presa, I stopped following much of the show. After all, who wants to be all stressed out with TV characters' problems when we do have reality to contend with. ?!#@%$

A month ago, a new beginning was introduced, and I started following the show once again 'coz of the Jay-Agnes tandem. Yup! I do look forward to the fresh start for the good people of La Presa and Agnes. But I guess that's too much to ask for. After all, the show also dwells on the clingy past and the people who can't seem to let go and move on, like Alex's ex-wife Cherie and Buboy's ex-wife Maritess. In Book 1 there was Xander's ex Kate, who thankfully was taken out of the picture now. But in Book 2 there's Xander who's trying hard to win Agnes back.

Well, I've got to admit that the show was a Xander-Agnes love story. But more than that, I believe that Forevermore applied more to the other cast of the show like Alex & Bettina -- Xander's parents -- and Buboy -- Agnes's dad -- & Mirasol. Their relationships have stood the test of time. As for the younger casts, I just hope that the Jay-Agnes tandem would be given a chance. But a part of me also knows that in the end, this is a Xander-Agnes show. That's life! :) However, since I do love the Jay character, I'd love to write a happy ending for him too... I hope the writers of the show treat him well! :)

Oh, and after Forevermore, would it be too much to ask for a new TV show for Diego??? 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Postcrossing Wonder

And I'm back for another couple of updates! ^_^ I'm sharing another two new postcards from random Postcrossing members. This batch is awesome, although I didn't receive them at the same time. One came a few days ahead of the other. Ooh, and that one card of mine that's traveling to Colombia is in danger of expiring soon... 5 days and counting... boo-hoo!

Leila from Finland
I love it that some members really take to heart your wish list. Leila from Finland went to France for vacation and shared with me a card of La Louvre. I totally loved it! I dream of visiting France one day too... esp. Paris. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower in person! LOL ^_^

Svetlana from Russia

Moscow Kremlin is on my wish list as well. And look what came today? It's from Svetlana, who's from Moscow, Russia. How awesome indeed! It's been 70 days since I joined Postcrossing, and for me, I'm doing a lot of traveling, albeit via these international postcards that I've been receiving. I simply love the cards and the stories from each sender. It's such a wonderful experience to also be able to share my own experiences.

Perhaps if there's something that I would need to work on, it would be local travel. Yup, I'd love to travel around my country more. I'd love to experience for myself the beautiful places featured on the different postcards that I've been sending out. That way, I would also have stories to tell. ^_^

Well, I've sent a total of 12 postcards now. Three more and I would be able to send an additional card. That would mean 7 traveling cards at the same time. The more traveling cards, the more that can be sent and received. Yey! 

Eventually I would need to organize my album into the different countries. Right now, I just upload each photo consecutively. It's not even arranged by country or continent. LOL! Soon... I hope...

Well, that's it for now! Till next update...

Monday, March 9, 2015

Official Postcrossing: Postcards from Germany

Here are the cards that I previously mentioned. They both came from Germany, from official Postcrossing members. 

Dieter from Germany

I'm amazed that there are some people who are truly picky or choosy when it comes to postcards. Some don't even like multiview cards like the one above. Frankly, I don't know what's not to like. I appreciate multiview cards. It's a great way to introduce one's own city, if you ask me. Then when there are views that are worth looking at, that's a good time to go for single view cards. Oh well, to each his own.

Yvonne from Germany

This card rocks! (Pun intended LOL! ^_^) The sender mentioned about some balancing art just like the photo. And true enough balance is indeed something we should all seek in our daily lives. Thanks for the reminder, Yvonne! I truly appreciate it! The postcard looks like it came from a postcard book. It seems to have perforation on one side. How I wish I could get hold of a really nice local postcard book. I haven't seen one yet. Perhaps I should start out an edition. I would love it, but then it would mean I would need to do the traveling and the picture taking myself! ^_^ Now that's a great idea! Perhaps someone with more financial capacity would read this and embark on this project! 

At the moment, I'm just waiting for one more card from official Postcrossing. One of my traveling cards is due to expire in 9 days -- uh-oh! In a way, that's pretty good as I get to send one again. But I do hate it when my card doesn't make it in time for the 60-day deadline. It's the first for me, and the destination is Colombia. It truly amazes me how come some cards travel a long, long time before reaching their new homes. 

Well, it's the start of another week. I truly look forward to Mondays and every weekday as I await the arrival of more postcards. These days I've added forum swapping to my activities. I guess I would be more picky when it comes to whom I swap with. Some swappers truly are irritating. I don't like sending blank cards.. lest alone in an envelope! Ugghh! Oh well, other than picky swappers, it's fun to send and receive postcards. More updates to come next time around...

Have a great week ahead! ^_^

Friday, March 6, 2015

Postcrossing February Stats

And so, February's gone! It's now March, and I'm entering the third month of being a Postcrossing member. I've recently discovered the forum as another venue for swapping. There are themed swaps there, so I guess it would be a great way to complete some collection series. It does take time for some categories, esp. for countries that are rare. I've signed up for a few, and I've also sent out postcards for them.

How was my February as a Postcrosser? Well, my stats have started to look better. 

I have now sent a total of 10 postcards. I'm waiting for 5 more to be received before I have another increase in the number of postcards to be sent. There are 6 more cards that are traveling.. so I hope that at least one of them gets received soon. I'm just wondering how come it takes too long for some cards to reach their destination. 

So, in February, I've sent out postcards to the above countries. So cool to see the colorful pie chart, huh? I'm hoping to receive as well from the countries I've sent to, esp. Italy and the Netherlands. My goal is to receive cards from as many countries as possible. 

I received two postcards each from USA and Germany. These are the countries that have more numbers of Postcrossers. I guess that's why I happen to get more cards from them. But, I'm happy to have received from Finland and Norway too. I hope to receive more from rare countries. My postcard collection has grown and I'm quite happy. Pretty soon, I'd need a nicer storage for them all. Right now, I have them sorted according to continent, then sorted alphabetically according to countries. 

Well, that's it for now. Yesterday, I received two Official Postcrossing cards from Germany once again. I will be sharing them soon.

Till next update... ta-tah! ^_^

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