Friday, March 6, 2015

Postcrossing February Stats

And so, February's gone! It's now March, and I'm entering the third month of being a Postcrossing member. I've recently discovered the forum as another venue for swapping. There are themed swaps there, so I guess it would be a great way to complete some collection series. It does take time for some categories, esp. for countries that are rare. I've signed up for a few, and I've also sent out postcards for them.

How was my February as a Postcrosser? Well, my stats have started to look better. 

I have now sent a total of 10 postcards. I'm waiting for 5 more to be received before I have another increase in the number of postcards to be sent. There are 6 more cards that are traveling.. so I hope that at least one of them gets received soon. I'm just wondering how come it takes too long for some cards to reach their destination. 

So, in February, I've sent out postcards to the above countries. So cool to see the colorful pie chart, huh? I'm hoping to receive as well from the countries I've sent to, esp. Italy and the Netherlands. My goal is to receive cards from as many countries as possible. 

I received two postcards each from USA and Germany. These are the countries that have more numbers of Postcrossers. I guess that's why I happen to get more cards from them. But, I'm happy to have received from Finland and Norway too. I hope to receive more from rare countries. My postcard collection has grown and I'm quite happy. Pretty soon, I'd need a nicer storage for them all. Right now, I have them sorted according to continent, then sorted alphabetically according to countries. 

Well, that's it for now. Yesterday, I received two Official Postcrossing cards from Germany once again. I will be sharing them soon.

Till next update... ta-tah! ^_^

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