Saturday, March 28, 2015

Postcards, Postcards, More Postcards...

It's time for another update about my postcards received from and If you're into postcard sending and receiving, I'd recommend that you check out both these sites. Anyway, I've received a few more to be added to my growing collection... note that these are official postcards received from both sites. I have a bigger number of postcards received from outside of these official sites.. mainly from swapping on IG and the Postcrossing forum. Here goes...

Sandra from Finland

Brrr! 2C indeed sounds too cold for me. It is after all summer now here in the Philippines. But I did love receiving this card that featured snow. I felt cooler just by looking at it. ^_^

Vika from Ukraine

I registered this card and discovered that it has been traveling for 51 days! Whoa! I didn't know it takes that long to travel from Ukraine to the Philippines. I'm glad I got it before the 60-day traveling time allotted on the site. It was in an envelope and was blank except for the ID code from Postcrossing. Upon checking I found out that the sender was also new to the site. I would have loved to read something about him/her. Oh well! It's my first card from Ukraine too.. so all is well! ^_^

Hans from the Netherlands
My first card from the Netherlands... Yey! ^_^ I have previously sent one card to the said country. I'm happy to have received one from it! It's pretty interesting too, don't you think? 

Tatyana from Russia
I have previously received a card similar to this also from Russia. It seems that there are lots of beautiful landscapes from that country. I wonder if I'd ever get a chance to visit there at all. 

Alyona from Russia
Russian illustration cards are truly lovely! I've previously also received a few from IG swapping. I just wish we also have more of these types of cards in the Philippines. I've found a few but they're a bit too expensive to be sent out casually. They're more ideal for a collector's series or the like. 

Olevsya from Russia
This card is from Russia too. It's the only one added to my Postcard United official cards. It's just the third card I've received from the said site. I guess the cards do take a little longer to get to their destination, esp. if they're from Russian countries. It really doesn't matter, as long as I still receive them. I do get worried when my mails get delayed. Ugghh! 

To date, I've sent 12 postcards and received 17 postcards from I still have around 6 travelling cards that have yet to reach their destinations. 

For Postcard United, I've sent out a total of 8 and have received a total of 3 at this time. I also have around 11 travelling cards -- 2 of which are past 50 days travelling time. I hope I get some more soon. 

Well, that's it for now. More updates soon... esp. the March stats once the month is over.. which will happen in a few days! ^_^

Enjoy your weekend! Ta-tah!

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