About Me

Hi! It's me, Raincrystal. You may call me Rain for short. But of course, that's just my pseudonym. I started my blog site April of 2010. At that time, I started working in an office. However, that didn't go well as I was laid off after almost six months. I'm thankful that I have freelance tutorials on the side to help augment income earning. Honestly, tutorial jobs pay better than office work. I'm happy too that during that time, I learned about Internet marketing and the possibility of earning extra income online. Now, I devote full-time to working from home doing affiliate marketing. I'm still striving to succeed in it. This blog is a record of my journey.

I used to teach preschool. I still like to teach, and that's why I take in freelance tutorial jobs on the side. Aside from less paper works, I kinda like the hourly rate. I love reading children's books. And it is my dream to write one someday. For now, I will be writing on this blog. ^_^

I'm a proud mom of a multi-talented teenager. So don't be surprised if I'll share a thing or two about my daughter. I'm truly enjoying the days when I get to bond with her.