Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 Tips for Men on Valentine's Day

And so just for today I'm the love guru... just kidding! Since it's in season, I might as well pass this on. My inspiration was an email I got from John Gray, Ph.D.

Valentines Day Chocolates from 2005

"Valentine's Day should be all about her, so the most important thing a man can do is plan ahead." - John Gray, Ph.D.

1. Get her a card or write her a letter. 
    Personally, I'd go for a personalized letter. You don't need to be a poet or writer to come up with a really good one. Just write from the heart and let it flow through. I find that really romantic. Or if you're still having trouble, just grab a Hallmark card and you'll be fine.

2. Buy her roses. 

   I would suggest you buy her her favorite flowers, like tulips or carnations perhaps. Find out ahead of time. Although I personally still like roses, they're a bit too common around this time.  

Bouquet d'orchidées

3. Plan a date. 

    I've been coming across a lot of articles about nice places to go to for this Valentine's esp. if you are on a budget. Personally I don't believe it's how lavish your celebration is. It could just be a simple yet romantic and intimate occasion. Perhaps you can cook a special dinner for two instead, if that's your thing. 

4. Buy her or make her a gift.  

   If you're the creative type, making your own gift is special. However, there are lots of shops where you can purchase personalized gifts too. 

5. Make it special. 

    Make every celebration special and memorable. It's really worth building lots of good memories together. myspace graphic comments
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

World Capitals (An Answer Guide to

I've been assisting my daughter in reaching her target assignment of 240,000 points on One of my favorite categories is "World Capitals." I must admit it's a bit tough to remember all of the answers, and so, I came up with this list to assist and guide me. I also hope it helps out those who need it. The list is by far incomplete. They are based on the ones I have encountered most. I will work on adding new entries as I come upon them. 

Items below are listed as Capital - Country:

Abu Dhabi = United Arab Emirates
Abuja = Nigeria
Accra = Ghana
Addis Ababa = Ethiopia
Ankara = Turkey
Antananarivo = Madagascar
Apia = Samoa
Ashgabat = Turkmenistan
Astana = Kazakhstan

Bamako = Mali
Bangkok = Thailand
Bangui = Central African Republic
Banjul = The Gambia
Basseterre = Saint Kitts and Nevis
Belgrade = Serbia
Belmopan = Belize
Bishkek = Kyrgyzstan
Bratislava = Slovakia
Brazzaville = Congo-Republic
Bridgetown = Barbados
Bucharest = Romania
Bujumbura = Burundi

Canberra = Australia
Caracas = Venezuela
Castries = Saint Lucia
Chisinau = Moldova
Colombo = Sri Lanka
Conakry = Guinea
Copenhagen = Denmark

Dhaka = Bangladesh
Dili = Timor-Leste
Dodoma = Tanzania
Doha = Qatar
Dublin = Ireland
Dushanbe = Tajikistan

Freetown = Sierra Leone
Funafuti = Tuvalu

Gaborone = Botswana
Georgetown = Guyana
Guatemala City = Guatemala

Harare = Zimbabwe
Honiara = Solomon Islands

Kampala = Uganda
Kiev = Ukraine
Kigali = Rwanda
Kingstown = Saint Vincent-Grenadines
Kinshasa = Congo-Democratic Republic
Kuala Lumpur = Malaysia

Libreville = Gabon
Lilongwe = Malawi
Lima = Peru
Ljubljana = Slovenia
Lome = Togo
London = United Kingdom
Luanda = Angola
Lusaka = Zambia

Majuro = Marshall Islands
Malabo = Equatorial Guinea
Managua = Nicaragua
Maputo = Mozambique
Maseru = Lesotho
Melekeok = Palau
Mexico City = Mexico
Minsk = Belarus
Monrovia = Liberia
Montevideo = Uruguay
Muscat = Oman

Nassau = The Bahamas
Niamey = Niger
Nouakchott = Mauritania
Nuku'alofa = Tonga

Oslo = Norway
Ottawa = Canada

Palikir = Micronesia Panama City = Panama
Paramaribo = Suriname
Phnom Penh = Cambodia
Podgorica = Montenegro
Port Louis = Mauritius
Port Moresby = Papua New Guinea
Port-Vila = Vanuatu
Port-of-Spain = Trinidad and Tobago
Porto-Novo = Benin
Pretoria = South Africa

Rabat = Morocco
Roseau = Dominica

Saint John's = Antigua and Barbuda
Saint George's = Grenada
Sanaa = Yemen
San Salvador = El Salvador
Santiago = Chile
Sarajevo = Bosnia and Herzegovina
Skopje = Macedonia
Suva = Fiji

Tallinn = Estonia
Tarawa = Kiribati
Tashkent = Uzbekistan
Tegucigalpa = Honduras
Tirane = Albania

Tokyo = Japan
Tunis = Tunisia

Victoria = Seychelles
Vientiane = Laos
Vilnius = Lithuania

Wellington = New Zealand
Windhoek = Namibia

Yamoussoukro = Cote d'Ivoire
Yaounde = Cameroon
Yerevan = Armenia

Zagreb = Croatia
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