Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 3 Things in Life...

Ok so I got this via SMS or text message from my aunt. I just thought I'd share this with as many people as possible so why not blog about it, right? LOL :D

3 things in life that never come back when gone:
  • Time
  • Words
  • Opportunity
3 things in life that should never be lost:
  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Honesty
3 things in life that are most valuable:

  • Love
  • Faith
  • Prayer
3 things that make a person:
  • Hard work
  • Sincerity
  • Commitment
3 things that can destroy a person:
  • Lust
  • Pride
  • Anger
3 things in life that are constant:
  • Change
  • Death
  • God
The message actually ended by saying, "Don't just read it, share it to people you care for..." So enjoy! Have a great weekend! ^_^

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Palace announces 4-day long weekend in August

Palace announces 4-day long weekend in August

Now here's something I haven't done in a while since I started working freelance and at home for my online marketing ventures. Holidays!!! I love them.. not just weekends!!! LOL ^_^ The main reason is that my daughter stays at home and doesn't have to wake up early to go to school! Yup! I still work on my tutorials during holidays, esp. if the day falls on a weekday. I work on my online marketing ventures 7 days a week too! LOL! ^_^ Nonetheless, news about upcoming holidays is something to look forward to every time. Till next post.. ta-tah!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's New with You?

Hello folks! I'm just keeping in touch here. I'm still very much around and have been working on a project. That's the reason why I haven't done much blogging lately. I do miss my occasional ramblings here. Anyway, the question that I posed in the title is actually to let you know what's new with me! ^_^ Well, I'm still me. I'm still here. I'm still trying my best to succeed out there in Internet marketing. Sure there are little victories along the way, but I'm still working towards more stability and regularity in terms of income online. To cut the ramblings short, I want to invite you to also visit my site. YES! I finally mustered enough courage and determination to register a domain and have it hosted! Here's a sneak peek of my blog that I'm slowly building..

Kewl isn't it? Yeah it was my daughter who chose the WP theme to install actually. I kinda like it too. I'm also in the process of perhaps moving some of my earlier blog posts to the new site. I will most definitely be keeping this blog as I've come to be attached to it. Heck! I've been blogging here for over a year already. This site is so much a part of my online journey. I'll keep this post short. Do visit my site. You can also access it HERE.

Till next blogging time.. ta-tah! ^_^

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ka-Ching Ka-Ching! ^_^

Ahhh the sweet sound of money... indeed! LOL.. ^_^ Who doesn't like it huh? Well, I'm into Internet marketing to build a steady home-based income for me and my family. On top of that, I've always dreamed of working for myself. It's not all about money, true, but I do need to earn some somehow to keep going. I've a long journey ahead of me. Every day is a learning experience. I truly enjoy the challenge and love the fact that I'm self-motivated in doing what I'm doing.

Before I ramble on and on, there's a reason for this post really. Yup! The clue is the title.. ka-ching! ka-ching! the sweet sound of money.. reminds me of the cash register.. making the sound as each sale is punched in. LOL! ^_^

I haven't done a blog on payments received in awhile. So now is a good time to do so again. Anyway, I want to start off with this cool profit sharing safelist or mailer -- SOTAM (State of the Art Mailer System). Yup! I joined under a friend as it comes highly recommended. I read about the profit sharing part wherein you'll need to read at least 75% of the mailer ads sent out to be eligible to receive anything. I qualified and was pleased to automatically receive $1.26 to my account. ^_^

I truly haven't seen a cool program as SOTAM. So join today in case you're not in yet. Plus, they have implemented something new this week called Time-Bonus Ads. If you have your own site, just add a widget on it and promote. SOTAM is the first mailer that had paid me! WooHoo!

I also got to cashout from this other PTC site I have. It's the sister site of InfinityBux, called TVIPTC. I've joined the site since around September of 2010. You see, with PTC sites, sometimes getting paid is uncertain. LOL! I've actually stopped jumping in to join new PTC's. Some don't last very long and I just don't like losing anymore potential earnings. Anyway, I finally got to cash out $4.76 from TVIPTC. Yey! I'm just happy it pays like its sister site. ^_^

Another PTC that paid me recently is LinkGrand.It has Billboard ads that you click through and visit daily. There's a monthly prize of $50 for those who view the Billboards regularly. Two winners are usually chosen and split the winning, so each one gets $25. Being a consistent clicker pays off as I was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner! Yipee! ^_^

A mailer and some PTCs are not the only ones that paid me recently. I also got paid from these traffic exchanges... ^_^

TezakTrafficPower automatically pays out to your account when your commissions reach the $10 minimum. There's no need to request for it at all! On top of that, Tony's awesome! TTP is also celebrating its second year anniversary this month! Be sure to take part in its surf promos! ^_^

Traffic Fugitive is another awesome TE. Owner Jeff Parker paid out automatically those who joined the surf promo. I only found $7 that day, but got the payment credited to my account a day after the promo! Awesome indeed! ^_^

And of course, I won't forget to mention these two more TEs that have also paid me...

FTT has paid me too! It took awhile before I could save up to reach cashout but I got it! ^_^ Way cool indeed! Also, Kurt's been generous with me for my promo videos that I've sent in for Shameless Promotions at SBS network. Nice huh? (Details next time around)

Not to forget, TopSurfer! Never mind the form-filling on this site if you want to earn cash from surfing.. TS has paid me FOUR times already! It does so automatically too.. every Wednesday! When your balance hits $10 minimum, expect to receive your cash in your account! Totally rocks!

Well, there's earning online. So true, but more than the earnings, you gotta be willing to work at it too. Hey, I've worked for all these payouts! I know that I truly deserve them! ^_^ What's next? Roll up my game plan, form a budget, invest in the right tools, engage in social marketing, and just continue to focus on my goals. Work.. work.. work.. but hey what's different? I like the work that I do. It's not easy, but I'm the boss of me. And just like what Confucius said, " Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

With that, I'll see you all next post... ta-tah! ^_^ Have a happy midweek!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Beauty Secrets

A friend shared this with me via text message. I feel that I should share it with as many wonderful people out there.


1.)   Cleanse your heart daily by repentance.

2.)   Bath thoroughly in the word of God.

3.)   Apply forgiveness to keep wrinkles away.

4.)   Stay moisturized with prayer.

5.)   Sprinkle yourself with love, it’s the sweetest perfume.

6.)   Dash plenty of patience.

7.)   Remember worry and anger can cause disease.

8.)   Faith is the key to aging gracefully.

9.)   Wear a smile to give your face a perfect glow.

10.)  Take gentle care every day.


Follow these tips and look awesome every single day! :D