Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's New with You?

Hello folks! I'm just keeping in touch here. I'm still very much around and have been working on a project. That's the reason why I haven't done much blogging lately. I do miss my occasional ramblings here. Anyway, the question that I posed in the title is actually to let you know what's new with me! ^_^ Well, I'm still me. I'm still here. I'm still trying my best to succeed out there in Internet marketing. Sure there are little victories along the way, but I'm still working towards more stability and regularity in terms of income online. To cut the ramblings short, I want to invite you to also visit my site. YES! I finally mustered enough courage and determination to register a domain and have it hosted! Here's a sneak peek of my blog that I'm slowly building..

Kewl isn't it? Yeah it was my daughter who chose the WP theme to install actually. I kinda like it too. I'm also in the process of perhaps moving some of my earlier blog posts to the new site. I will most definitely be keeping this blog as I've come to be attached to it. Heck! I've been blogging here for over a year already. This site is so much a part of my online journey. I'll keep this post short. Do visit my site. You can also access it HERE.

Till next blogging time.. ta-tah! ^_^

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