Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lovely Postcards via Postcard United

Well, Postcard United is a postcard exchange site that I discovered while browsing through IG. It's similar to I decided to give it a shot since I'm new to postcard exchange. A few months down the line, I'm happy I checked it out. I've received a number of really nice and interesting postcards via Postcard United.

Postcard from Poland
The postcard above came in an envelope with an equally beautiful stamp! (See below) >.<

Postcard from Czech Republic
What a nice shaped card from the Czech Republic! >.< I do like getting these multiview touristy cards. It's lovely to see wonderful views from places from all over the world. 

My first ever card from Tunisia (African continent). At the moment, I arrange my postcards according to continent, then to countries (alphabetical). To date, I've received a variety of cards that range from touristy sites to illustration cards. I totally like them all! >.< 

The two cards above came from Russia via Postcard United. I've a lot of cards from Russia, and I find each of them totally unique and really interesting. >.< As of the moment, I've sent a total of 39 cards via Postcard United and have received a total of 22 postcards. I'm still waiting for a lot more before I will start sending out once again via Postcard United. 

Postcard exchange is an engaging and interesting hobby. It could also be a bit expensive sometimes. However, you could always set a budget in order to enjoy this hobby. In my case, I enjoy receiving snail mail. It's way better than just seeing bills in your mailbox. Won't you agree? >.<

I hope you enjoyed my postcard updates. Till next time.. ta-tah! Enjoy your weekend! ^_^