Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot Sea Water in a Coastal Barangay in Dumanjug

It has been some time since my last post here. No, I'm not going to make excuses but life sometimes has a way of getting in the way. ^_^

Whitney Houston R.I.P.
Too many happenings in the past weeks. First, my favorite female singer, Whitney Houston, passed away. She hasn't been that visible in the last few years of her career, but I must say she was one of the very best female vocal artists. I don't recall liking any other female singers as much as I liked Whitney Houston and her songs.

Valentine's Day

Then there was Valentine's Day, that I spent quietly with family. Mom even recalled having take-out pizza delivered last year 'coz she didn't want to miss the premier of a local soap opera. LOL! I think Mom's a TV addict. Well, this year she did bring home take-out snacks in the form of Chinese dimsums. Mmmm yummy! Did I mention I love Chinese food? ^_^ To me, that's V-Day well spent.

So what made me come out of hiding? Well there's this local news that I found interesting. I suppose anything that is related to thoughts of doomsday is interesting.. esp. since it's the year 2012. Well several weeks prior to this news, there was a devastating earthquake in Negros Oriental.

The news articles below talk about a sink hole that was formed in a town in Cebu. Aside from that, there's a video report on "boiling sea water" in a coastal village. I just thought I'd share about these newsworthy events. I'd probably be watching  for more news about this. Compared to the news of sink holes found  in other parts of the world, this one hits closer to home. Although I'm in the capital city, Cebu isn't that far.

sink hole in Cebu

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Hot sea water, sink hole worry Cebu town residents

The video is in the local Filipino language. It mainly talks about the supposed "boiling water" in a portion of the ocean in the town of Dumanjug. Said incident started since the earthquake last Feb. 6th, 2012. Residents are mainly alarmed and some worry that marine life in the area might be affected. Geologists say, however, that there's no cause for alarm.

In another part of town, a sinkhole was formed. Reports say that the hole continues to widen and it's now 10 m wide and 4 m deep. Water can be seen flowing from it too.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KC Concepcion on Rogue Magazine -- I Finally Have My Copy!!!

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine interview
This post is a bit overdue. I'm trying to post in bits and pieces as I try to get back to normalcy after quite a stressful weekend. Well, for one, there was the nail salon bonding with daughter. I actually bought the Rogue Magazine with sexy, daring KC Concepcion on the cover on the same day.

First stop was at a popular bookstore which unfortunately didn't have the issue yet. It's a good thing that the Booksale outlet in the same mall already has the copy!!! That saved me another trip! ^_^

And for the record... I liked the article esp. when I saw that the interview was done by renowned filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes.

I'm pretty sure that most of the much-talked about pictures can be found all over the Internet, but I took some amateur shots of my three most fave KC pictures from the magazine. I will share them here together with tidbits from the interview that I really liked! ^_^

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine 2012

JJR: You know, I've seen you grow up, and when I saw that interview... I understood that you did the best decision for you. Sometimes these things are so necessary. They make us stronger because -- in this business -- you need to be tough.

KC:  It's simple. No one was making it known that the relationship was over. So I stepped up to let people know the truth.

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine 2012

Here are some of the quotable quotes:

KC: "We move in a world of make-believe, but when it comes to your private life, you want it to be as real as possible."

                                --- o o o ---

KC: "I'm never going to be in a relationship with an actor ever again. Never say never? Well, I'm saying never."

KC Concepcion Rogue Magazine 2012

KC: "People were criticizing me, and I would always protect him. So shut up because you don't know what you're talking about. And that can be on the record because I don't give a damn."

                                    --- o o o ---

KC: "...Now I feel like... let the games begin. I think I've grown some fangs and claws after this situation. I have definitely grown some claws."

Well, that's just about it for today's post. I'm definitely a KC Concepcion fan. Atta girl! I like the fighting spirit! ^_^ Then again, I've always admired fun and fearless females. Well when the right time comes, I'm sure KC will find the right man for her. ^_^

Life is short.. let us just enjoy "La Dolce Vita!" Ta-tah!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Of Purple Toes and French Tip Nails

There's no doubt that the weekend that just passed was a highly stressful one for me and my daughter! Yup! We were rushing some last minute preparations for her Junior-Senior Promenade Night. So the night before her big day, we rushed to the local mall for some nail salon bonding. I'm personally not too fond of such stuff. However, I decided to go along and treat myself to a "Milk and Almond Foot Spa with Pedicure." I just felt like my feet so deserved to be pampered once in a while. LOL! ^_^

Preparation for my daughter's J-S Prom actually took more than a month. You see, it seems my daughter is a bit of an OC like me.. she wanted everything well planned to avoid last minute mishaps. We actually had her gowns made at least two months before. But I will reserve that for future postings. Otherwise, this might turn out to be a novel. 


Yup you guessed it right.. her gowns are red :D She wanted a red and gold motif so above pictures show her hands and toes with red nail polish with gold French tip. Amazing how teens these days can be so posh! LOL...

As for me, I settled for purple toes.. don't ask me why.. I just wanted something different. It's not something I would normally do or go for. Hey, it's another year so why not be different right?


Not too posh... but I know my feet and toes are happy to be pampered! After all, it doesn't happen every day! ^_^ More adventure posts next time! Ta-tah!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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