Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Of Purple Toes and French Tip Nails

There's no doubt that the weekend that just passed was a highly stressful one for me and my daughter! Yup! We were rushing some last minute preparations for her Junior-Senior Promenade Night. So the night before her big day, we rushed to the local mall for some nail salon bonding. I'm personally not too fond of such stuff. However, I decided to go along and treat myself to a "Milk and Almond Foot Spa with Pedicure." I just felt like my feet so deserved to be pampered once in a while. LOL! ^_^

Preparation for my daughter's J-S Prom actually took more than a month. You see, it seems my daughter is a bit of an OC like me.. she wanted everything well planned to avoid last minute mishaps. We actually had her gowns made at least two months before. But I will reserve that for future postings. Otherwise, this might turn out to be a novel. 


Yup you guessed it right.. her gowns are red :D She wanted a red and gold motif so above pictures show her hands and toes with red nail polish with gold French tip. Amazing how teens these days can be so posh! LOL...

As for me, I settled for purple toes.. don't ask me why.. I just wanted something different. It's not something I would normally do or go for. Hey, it's another year so why not be different right?


Not too posh... but I know my feet and toes are happy to be pampered! After all, it doesn't happen every day! ^_^ More adventure posts next time! Ta-tah!

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