Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot Sea Water in a Coastal Barangay in Dumanjug

It has been some time since my last post here. No, I'm not going to make excuses but life sometimes has a way of getting in the way. ^_^

Whitney Houston R.I.P.
Too many happenings in the past weeks. First, my favorite female singer, Whitney Houston, passed away. She hasn't been that visible in the last few years of her career, but I must say she was one of the very best female vocal artists. I don't recall liking any other female singers as much as I liked Whitney Houston and her songs.

Valentine's Day

Then there was Valentine's Day, that I spent quietly with family. Mom even recalled having take-out pizza delivered last year 'coz she didn't want to miss the premier of a local soap opera. LOL! I think Mom's a TV addict. Well, this year she did bring home take-out snacks in the form of Chinese dimsums. Mmmm yummy! Did I mention I love Chinese food? ^_^ To me, that's V-Day well spent.

So what made me come out of hiding? Well there's this local news that I found interesting. I suppose anything that is related to thoughts of doomsday is interesting.. esp. since it's the year 2012. Well several weeks prior to this news, there was a devastating earthquake in Negros Oriental.

The news articles below talk about a sink hole that was formed in a town in Cebu. Aside from that, there's a video report on "boiling sea water" in a coastal village. I just thought I'd share about these newsworthy events. I'd probably be watching  for more news about this. Compared to the news of sink holes found  in other parts of the world, this one hits closer to home. Although I'm in the capital city, Cebu isn't that far.

sink hole in Cebu

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‘It just won’t stop’

Geologists say sinkhole can serve as well

Related Video:

Hot sea water, sink hole worry Cebu town residents

The video is in the local Filipino language. It mainly talks about the supposed "boiling water" in a portion of the ocean in the town of Dumanjug. Said incident started since the earthquake last Feb. 6th, 2012. Residents are mainly alarmed and some worry that marine life in the area might be affected. Geologists say, however, that there's no cause for alarm.

In another part of town, a sinkhole was formed. Reports say that the hole continues to widen and it's now 10 m wide and 4 m deep. Water can be seen flowing from it too.

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