Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year Ending 2010...

I believe that a year-end blog is but fitting. Everywhere you look you'll find year-end reports. Even TV shows have year-end specials. Heck! We all look forward to it. I know I do. This time of the year I always find myself in a reflective mood. I somehow like the idea of looking back on things I've done and assessing how far I've come in achieving my goals. Yup! Somehow I do set goals, but unlike many years past, my goals are not set in stone. I guess I have come to realize that there are many things in life that come unexpectedly.. that the best that we can do is to always be prepared.. to always expect the unexpected.. and to believe that all things happen for a reason. This year is no exception. We lost my dad way back in January. For all who have lost a loved one, you know how challenging it can be. Practically every aspect of the family's life is affected. Normalcy is disrupted. It does take time before everything else gets back to normal. Or does it really? I wonder...
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I'm thankful for the chance of being able to get back to work even for a brief moment. Six months into a dead-end, no-brainer job, I was just grateful for the extra income. But I somehow feel that it's not for me. And since middle of the year, I have explored the possibility of earning extra income online. And few months down the line, here I am still learning a lot, hanging on, bent on finding that elusive residual income I've heard many people talk about. Life is indeed a journey, not a race. I'm in no hurry but I hope and pray that this journey would be a fruitful one. ^_^ A Happy New Year to everyone! May 2011 bring you peace, prosperity, health, happiness, and love! :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Of Christmas 2010... and Making Money Online...

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First and foremost, I'd like to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope that this season brings you much peace, happiness, and love! I also hope you're spending it well with your family and loved ones! ^_^ Who would have thought that I would be doing this online earning thing this year huh? I certainly didn't see that coming. I have a long way to go in establishing that residual income I've been dreaming of, but I feel good knowing that I have at least taken the first steps, even if they're just baby steps. As another year comes to an end, I can't help but be in another reflective mood. You see, the best part of the ending year is reflecting on happenings of the year past and planning ahead for the new year. This is a sad yet happy year for me and my family. Sad.. because we lost my dad in January of this year.. happy.. because I still have my mom, my brother, my daughter, and my niece.. add a few of my dearest friends.. and that's enough to make me happy. If there is indeed a valuable lesson that I have learned in life, it is to look back and remember only the happy moments in my life. I try not to dwell on the lowdown.. instead, I look at them as part of life's learning experiences. I remember the lessons learned, but not the moments that brought me sadness. The feeling is gone, but then there's always tomorrow. Yup! One can't help but look forward to another day! Like I always say, "Every day is a brand new day -- a chance to make a difference." These days I try not to philosophize so much or think too much of the meaning and purpose of life. The answer would probably be beyond all the years that I have in this life. LOL! ^_^ 

Christmastime is a special time for me. I love this season, not for all the holiday trimmings or brouhaha over gifts and other spending, but because this is the one time of the year that I get to attend the Misa de Gallo or the Midnight Masses that begin  at dawn on the 16th of December and ends on the 24th. I love the feeling that this is the time of the year when so many people seem kind to one another. If only the idea of giving and sharing would last all year round, instead of during the Christmas season only. That is still the one wish I have that is yet to be fulfilled. Onwards to less serious stuff, I promised last time that I would be sharing some information about payouts that I have received. Well, here they are.. I got paid by OnBux, NeoBux, and Website Traffic Hog.

This is the first time I've cashed out from NeoBux since I've been experimenting on renting referrals. I have yet to see it really work. I've read a few suggestions on how to earn more from it but have yet to see some results. OnBux, on the other hand, seems more reliable in terms of renting referrals. Again, I'm also experimenting on this at this time. Website Traffic Hog is a traffic exchange that offers cash winnings for referrals and surfing. I like it for two added features that isn't found in all TEs: Guaranteed Views and Email Credits. Plus, I'm quite happy that cash payout is lower than in most TEs. ($10 vs. $25) Here are the payment proofs:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Of Surfing & Winnings...

It's another Monday.. yup! 5days to go till the big day -- Christmas! I've been attending the dawn masses on TV daily. 'Tis indeed the first time I've done that! But all's good except my time zone has pretty much changed. LOL! ^_^ I've been working nights mostly these days. As usual, clicking on PTCs and surfing on TEs are part of my routine. I've got a great news though. I believe my website is ready. True, it's a work in progress but I'm working on it on a daily basis. My daughter made banners for me. This is the first time these banners are being posted. This is indeed the best place to share them. Anyway, click on any of the banners and it will take you to my site that I've aptly titled Raincrystal.

All righty, time for updates.. some more winnings from surfing that is! ^_^

First, there's the win at Traffic Showdown. I won 5000 text impressions! Cool huh? Here's the proof:

I keeping joining at TShow 'coz at least I get to win prizes! ^_^  It's tougher to win in some other TEs. Next is a site that I recently joined, Volcano Hits. Honestly, it's turning out to be such a cool site. So far I like surfing on it as you can also earn cash from surfing there. VH gives $0.01 (250), $0.02 (300), $0.03 (500) daily depending on the number of sites you visit daily. I usually settle for the middle one. He-he! Anyway, here's my winning from VH:

And last, but not the least, a major win at FairTradeTraffic. The funny part here is that I wasn't even aware of the win until I decided to check my cash balance on the site. I was surprised that the amount was bigger than I expected so I checked the daily credits and found out that I actually won $4.20. Wow! That's a major prize on a Friday special day surf. Here's the list of winners:

Although luck really plays a big part in winning anything at these raffle games and surfing promos, one can not discount the hard work that also comes into play. 'Coz if you didn't surf, you wouldn't even get a chance of winning at all! I'm so happy that my efforts somehow paid off. I'd say that second weekend of this month was lucky for me. Imagine I won multiple times at different traffic exchanges!!! I believe that it was an answer to my prayers too. ^_^ For that I'd say, God is good! 

My next update would be on the payments that I've received. Yup! I've received three payments to my PP account. But that would be for next time... so watch out for more updates. Till next blogging time.. but before I say ta-tah this time around, I would like to invite you all to join me in Samurai Hits.I have signed up as chat moderator there and I'd be happy to hear from you! ^_^

Friday, December 17, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas

By now, it's down to NINE! I was so caught up in the different surf promos that I have in a way neglected updating my blog. Ah, that's really something I need to work on. Early this morning marked the "official" start of the Christmas season in the Philippines. It's the start of the Simbang Gabi (also known as Misa de Gallo or Midnight Masses). It actually starts early morning before the break of dawn, hence the term. There are some churches though that hold anticipated masses the night before. I used to attend the latter ones, but my tutorial has somehow allowed me to miss the first two nights as my student is having quarterly exams. Good thing there's a televised mass on in one of the local channels. I opted to attend that one instead. And the good thing is it fits into my current task as an affiliate marketer. I welcome the one-hour break from online work! ^_^

Also, I'm here to share more about traffic exchanges. Around 4 days ago, a fellow surfer Aviar referred me to yet another TE -- Traffic Marbles.  According to Avi, the site is giving away cash as prize for logging in. And true enough, for the first two days, I got $1.50 each. But since yesterday, the prize was reduced to $0.15. LOL! A lot of people must have gotten hold of the news and flocked to the site!!! I'm glad I got in when I did. It has a lower minimum payout of $10. I thought I would be able to cash out right away after twelve days.. HA-HA! :P Anyway, the site is still worth checking out.

That's from 4 days of being a member! Cool isn't it? ^_^

Here's another traffic exchange that I admittedly have neglected. I've won cash prizes in the past, but the amount is so small that I didn't pay much attention. But as it happens, this TE sometimes partners with bigger TEs and holds promos. I have been lucky enough in one of these times. Here are the proofs:

I'm truly thankful in the days past that my prayers are somehow granted and my efforts are rewarded. I'm happy to share that I've won two raffle prizes during this week that involved cash prizes. The first one was at Website Traffic Hog. I received the good news in my mailbox. Here's the excerpt:

What's great about this winning is that it's totally unexpected! I didn't know all that time that I was surfing to win. Now how great can that be indeed! God is good! ^_^ As if to add to the momentum, I also won $5 from one of my fave TEs -- Eternity Traffic. Woohoo! I still need to wait a bit to cash out though.

I joined this site recently just to qualify for the surf promo with Eternity Traffic. Well, we all know how that turned out! I'd say it was truly worth it. Tee-hee! VH, however, has some nice features as well. I like the multi-color buttons on the surf bar. Plus, there's an option to get cash from your daily surfing as reward. Surf 250/300/500. In addition, I have won in the game drawing! Here's the proof:

Plus, it had a special surf bar cash promo last Wednesday. I actually got $0.75 from surfing 300 sites. ^_^ Cool huh? I even almost missed the first one! Ha-ha!

Well, that's the happening for the week. I'd try to gatheri more data to share. for next time. For the meantime, I have a new project. And that is designing my own website! That's right! It's in the works at the moment as I'm slowly working on it. I would definitely share it here as I've included a link to this blog on my site. The best part is... IT IS TOTALLY FREE!!! Thank you to my friend Aviar for the recommendation. ^_^ Visit her site at:

Till next time... Have a great weekend!!! ^_^ And be safe during your Christmas shopping!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cash Prizes Galore from Surfing

Thank God it's Friday! Woo hoo! Friday remains to be my fave day of the week, although I'm not a student or an office worker anymore. I guess there's something about looking forward to the weekend! ^_^ Anyway, it's time for another blog. Like I promised, I would be sharing about traffic exchanges (TEs) where I surf and earn cash as well. Never underestimate the little amount you get each time, for this small amount can add up in time! Before you know it, you can already request for payment. This has happened to me many times over already. My tab on 'I Got Paid!' is still in the works! I guess I'm just a bit stumped as to the design and what info to share. After all, it is also my intention to be of help to newbies who are in search of sound and valid programs on the Internet.

First off, TEs where cash is a bit hard to earn! Well, it's not that hard except it's kinda bit of a rarity! LOL ^_^ I consider myself lucky I guess to have won a cash prize. Nevertheless, it's a possibility. You may want to give it a shot. You might be luckier and get more! Hee hee..

Ok! This site gives out a prize page every 30 pages surfed. There are six 'claim prizes' buttons. But watch out for the 'sorry it's a loss' button! That was actually what turned me off at the onset. However, this site also has a matrix program which is worth checking out. I've upgraded in this site for the amount of $12/ quarter. For me, it's a worthy investment as it will give me a chance to surf for credits and earn in the matrix program as well. I haven't as yet earned anything. But I do now have 8 positions in the matrix. Just a few hundred more surfs to earn 2 more positions. I will definitely keep you posted when I do actually earn from it! Here's the cash prize proof: 

I joined this site as it occasionally has joint promo with Eternity Traffic. I wouldn't want to pass up the chance of earning more, esp. from raffle draws. I was surfing the other day here when I got this:

This site gives a prize page every 15 pages surfed. However, most of the time, you'll get credits or banners/texts impressions. Occasionally, you'll chance upon a cash prize. I have had in the past been luckier and have now accumulated $2.90 in TTP. But I'll need $10 minimum to cash out. Anyway, here goes the cash prize page:

Many may not know about this site. I didn't either until I got an email from the site owner to join and be upgraded for a few months in exchange for including his site in my promotion of surf to earn sites. I send out mail via safelists/ list builders when I can. It was from one of my emails that Bobby saw my promotion that led to his offer. Cool isn't it? This site offers regular cash $ 0.015 for every 100 pages surfed. Here are some samples of the links for claiming your cash:

That's where the claim link is - right under the surf bar. It's tiny but I made a screenshot just so you won't miss it! And here's what it looks like once you have clicked on that claim link:

My, oh my! This has become a long blog. But I might as well share what I've got so you won't miss out on a good thing! I like this site 'coz it's a bit different from the rest. It offers 'Guaranteed Views' and 'Credit Mailer' as additional prizes. These two features are great for affiliate marketers like me since I get to promote my programs additionally to all members via the features mentioned! It also gives out banners/ texts impressions generously. There's a word search game where you'll get 20 credits for finding all the letters. Surf rewards every 100 pages too. Here are the sample cash prize pages:

Well, last but not the least, I'm just excited to share about Traffic Showdown (again!). I was surfing within the week when the site had the surf bar promo on. In addition to credits, it gave out random cash prizes! I didn't notice at first so I actually missed out on 3 cash prizes!!! Here's the screenshot:

Additionally,  I also won another two times from the site raffle games! Here are the announcements:

Yeah! And so I truly like Traffic Showdown!!! If you haven't won, just hang tight! You might get lucky soon! ^_^ So there went another surfing day! More next time... Have a great weekend! Do spend it with your family and loved ones! Take care.. ta-tah! ^_^

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Board Game Pays a Buck-a-Day... and MORE!

Have you heard of the new PTC Board Game?

It's called KlickBuck and you get paid 4 cents for EVERY click - up to 25 clicks a day.

That's a cool buck a day (or 30 bucks a month).

But that's just the beginning...

You can also earn from your personal referrals clicks (Pro members earn commissions 3 levels deep)

PLUS.. you earn commissions every time one of your personal referrals upgrade by purchasing a KB Ad Pack (Pro members earn commissions 3 levels deep)

PLUS... all pro members get RANDOM Admin Bonuses.. no kidding!

Join FRE.E now and start clicking:

Let's have some fun!

PS: Check out the Pro Membership in your back office, it's a HUGE money-maker! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Click.. Click.. Click.. Cash!!!

Yep! That's what I do most of the time these days. Clicking on ads for a few cents has become a daily habit. It makes me happy though when the work pays off. I joined this site way back in September. Sure, I was a bit skeptical at first too but nonetheless was persistent to click daily. And now the time has come to reap some gain. I'm talking about... 

That's right! InfinityBux can now be added to the list of sites that have paid me. Speaking of which, I'm working on that at the moment. It will soon be added as a tab on this blog. ^_^ It is my hope that this site will be a good guide for newbies and existing affiliate marketers alike. After all, it's my learning experience that I'm sharing with everyone. Here's the proof of payment from InfinityBux :

Plus it's another Monday and so it's surf for cash at RainbowTraffic. I've posted info on this a few pages back. Also, here are some more traffic exchanges that pay cash as you surf. It will be worth your time to check them out indeed. I would be adding more as I encounter them. 
Fair Trade Traffic - one of my recent fave TEs. It's a bit expensive to upgrade but I'm hoping to get there somehow as this site is generous with cash credits! Here are some proofs:


In addition, it has special prize pages where upgraded members earn more. $0.005 only for free members.

Here's my cash page from FTT from a day of surfing (Friday is a special day).
So head out to FairTradeTraffic and join them today! ^_^

Scarecrow Hits - a recent addition to my list of surf for cash sites. I thank my friend Aviar for recommending it to me. There's cash page for every 25 pages surfed. Here are samples:

Well, that's it for today! Stay tuned for more news and updates on TEs that pay you while you surf! ^_^ Have a great week ahead! Enjoy clicking every moment! May you chance upon the next big prize! ^_^ Till next blogging time... Ta-tah! :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

And It's December...

The last month of the year.. once again it gets me thinking, where did another year go? What have I done this year to make me a better person? Have I actually accomplished anything?? I'm in one of those reflective and nostalgic moods again. :P Sometimes though I tend to brush it aside and just try to focus on the task at hand. I remind myself that life is a journey.; that every day is a brand new day; that as long as one is breathing, there is something to look forward to every single day. Enough of gloomy thoughts.. let's get down to business! LOL! ^_^ 

I noticed that my blog of late has focused on making money online. Yep! That's what's keeping me busy these days, that's why! As you know I'm working from home on a full-time basis and am still on the journey to establishing that residual income. Patience is indeed a virtue and I've so far learned that Internet marketing is not as easy as one thinks. Sure I've read a lot of tips and how-to's. I've followed all the steps required and necessary. You sign up for a program that you believe in - check! You market your program in as many TEs (traffic exchanges) as you can - check! You sign up for some list builders and send out mailings as often as possible to as many members as possible - check! I do these on a daily basis. In fact I find myself working longer hours. Honestly, I have yet to see the cash flowing in. But I believe in what I do. I continue to try and gain more knowledge as required. At least I could say I'm learning a lot. In time I know I will get there eventually. For now, I continue doing PTC's -- a few pennies a day would add up too -- and pretty soon you could cash out here and there. I also gather info from fellow surfers on where to surf for cash -- TEs that give out cash while you surf to advertise your programs. To me that's like hitting two birds with one stone. ^_^ On top of that, you keep an eye out for valid programs that require little or no initial cash outlay. It is related to this last part that I would share with you about SuccessQUIK

You can read more about SuccessQUIK here. It is a part of the SafeAdZone Advertising Community, often known as the Quik Family Advertising Community. It has been in business for over three years and has nearly 25,000 satisfied members and customers. You can actually join for free and get 1000 Advertising Points for free!!! But if you're looking to build residual income, just like me, it would be worth checking out the $3,200 Income Staircase. What I like about it is there's no monthly fee. It's just a one-time fee of $6.95 for the first step. You can work your way up the ladder in your own time. I strongly recommend this program to everyone out there! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank God It's Friday!!!

Yup, even though I now work from home, Friday remains to be my fave day of the week! ^_^ I'm sure you'll agree with me too! He-he.. And so I have updates today.. Yep! Something really good happened to my day yesterday! Can you guess what? I got paid again! Weee..  To give you a bit of backgrounder, some of the programs I signed up for as I was starting out on my online earning journey are Paid To Blog sites. I have mentioned them in my previous post on various ways of earning online. Anyway, I finally got a reply from SocialSpark customer support regarding my inquiry. I joined their v.1 site and accumulated $17.50 but have been unable to cashout as the minimum is $50. It's been a few months since I had an approved post from them. They launched their v.2 site and I joined that as well. I very recently got another approved post from the second site and is currently awaiting credits. I decided to ask whether the amount from these two sites can be combined so that I can cashout earlier. As it turned out, the very accommodating admin staff from SocialSpark approved my cashout from the first site and my PayPal account got credited for $17.50. Here's the proof:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Remember, you'll need a PayPal account before embarking on your online earning journey. So just click on the banner above to sign-up for free. It's a user friendly site and setting up is so easy. All right! But that's not all as there were a bunch of traffic exchange sites that had surf for cash  promos yesterday. I'm sharing them here today!

First site I'm featuring is my favorite: HitsBoosterPro.  I won't go into much details about this TE as I have previously featured it on my previous post. But what I'm sharing are the actual cash prize pages I got! Weeeeeee... Here they are:

So cool indeed from my fave TE! ^_^ The second site I'm featuring a site I recently joined based on a fellow surfer's recommendation. It's no other than Rainbow Traffic. Apparently this site offers lots of chances to earn cash on the side while surfing for credits and impressions. ^_^ Here are the proofs:

And if you're a fan of word completion, surf till you complete 'You are Surfing the Rainbow'  and get 100 credits bonus! ^_^ So there goes my adventure for that day. Remember that each day is a brand new day! Take that chance to make a difference each day! For the meantime, enjoy your weekend! Till next blogging time... Ta-tah! ^_^