Thursday, December 2, 2010

Traffic Showdown - Quality Targeted Traffic to Your Website

Today's featured TE site is.... <drumroll> Traffic Showdown! I mentioned to Kym Robinson yesterday that I would be blogging about her traffic exchange. I have not been a member of this site for that long but I see the potential in it. The daily prizes are cool and are worth checking out. Aside from that, it also pays $0.30 per 1000 pages viewed. It's like EH4U with a lot more perks and more fun!!!

I make it a point to read Kym's daily blog where you just need to post the daily code and your ID and you win credits. Plus she has lots of helpful pointers and tips for online marketers. Aside from that I try to surf for the daily rewards for additional credits and banner/text impressions. In the past week, I have won twice in the raffle. Here's the first winning I got:

I'm one of the lucky ones winning 5000 banners/texts impressions! Woohoo! How cool is that huh? Not only that, but after a few days, I won again! Here it is:

Yep! I won $1/500/500/500! Weeeee.. truly fantastic indeed! I not only have fun surfing for credits, I also actually get to win additional prizes! Now that's a bonus indeed! ^_^ Here are more reasons to love Traffic Showdown..
The first one on earning $0.3 per 1000 pages surfed, the second I got as one of the prize pages!!! ^_^ No time for delay, join Traffic Showdown today! Here's to another surfing day.. and watch out for more blogs on other TEs! Ta-tah!

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