Friday, December 17, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas

By now, it's down to NINE! I was so caught up in the different surf promos that I have in a way neglected updating my blog. Ah, that's really something I need to work on. Early this morning marked the "official" start of the Christmas season in the Philippines. It's the start of the Simbang Gabi (also known as Misa de Gallo or Midnight Masses). It actually starts early morning before the break of dawn, hence the term. There are some churches though that hold anticipated masses the night before. I used to attend the latter ones, but my tutorial has somehow allowed me to miss the first two nights as my student is having quarterly exams. Good thing there's a televised mass on in one of the local channels. I opted to attend that one instead. And the good thing is it fits into my current task as an affiliate marketer. I welcome the one-hour break from online work! ^_^

Also, I'm here to share more about traffic exchanges. Around 4 days ago, a fellow surfer Aviar referred me to yet another TE -- Traffic Marbles.  According to Avi, the site is giving away cash as prize for logging in. And true enough, for the first two days, I got $1.50 each. But since yesterday, the prize was reduced to $0.15. LOL! A lot of people must have gotten hold of the news and flocked to the site!!! I'm glad I got in when I did. It has a lower minimum payout of $10. I thought I would be able to cash out right away after twelve days.. HA-HA! :P Anyway, the site is still worth checking out.

That's from 4 days of being a member! Cool isn't it? ^_^

Here's another traffic exchange that I admittedly have neglected. I've won cash prizes in the past, but the amount is so small that I didn't pay much attention. But as it happens, this TE sometimes partners with bigger TEs and holds promos. I have been lucky enough in one of these times. Here are the proofs:

I'm truly thankful in the days past that my prayers are somehow granted and my efforts are rewarded. I'm happy to share that I've won two raffle prizes during this week that involved cash prizes. The first one was at Website Traffic Hog. I received the good news in my mailbox. Here's the excerpt:

What's great about this winning is that it's totally unexpected! I didn't know all that time that I was surfing to win. Now how great can that be indeed! God is good! ^_^ As if to add to the momentum, I also won $5 from one of my fave TEs -- Eternity Traffic. Woohoo! I still need to wait a bit to cash out though.

I joined this site recently just to qualify for the surf promo with Eternity Traffic. Well, we all know how that turned out! I'd say it was truly worth it. Tee-hee! VH, however, has some nice features as well. I like the multi-color buttons on the surf bar. Plus, there's an option to get cash from your daily surfing as reward. Surf 250/300/500. In addition, I have won in the game drawing! Here's the proof:

Plus, it had a special surf bar cash promo last Wednesday. I actually got $0.75 from surfing 300 sites. ^_^ Cool huh? I even almost missed the first one! Ha-ha!

Well, that's the happening for the week. I'd try to gatheri more data to share. for next time. For the meantime, I have a new project. And that is designing my own website! That's right! It's in the works at the moment as I'm slowly working on it. I would definitely share it here as I've included a link to this blog on my site. The best part is... IT IS TOTALLY FREE!!! Thank you to my friend Aviar for the recommendation. ^_^ Visit her site at:

Till next time... Have a great weekend!!! ^_^ And be safe during your Christmas shopping!

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  1. Hi Anne I found your blog on Apsense Join a campaign. Your blog is nice and I love traffic exchanges. They are so much fun while you advertise your sight!


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