Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank God It's Friday!!!

Yup, even though I now work from home, Friday remains to be my fave day of the week! ^_^ I'm sure you'll agree with me too! He-he.. And so I have updates today.. Yep! Something really good happened to my day yesterday! Can you guess what? I got paid again! Weee..  To give you a bit of backgrounder, some of the programs I signed up for as I was starting out on my online earning journey are Paid To Blog sites. I have mentioned them in my previous post on various ways of earning online. Anyway, I finally got a reply from SocialSpark customer support regarding my inquiry. I joined their v.1 site and accumulated $17.50 but have been unable to cashout as the minimum is $50. It's been a few months since I had an approved post from them. They launched their v.2 site and I joined that as well. I very recently got another approved post from the second site and is currently awaiting credits. I decided to ask whether the amount from these two sites can be combined so that I can cashout earlier. As it turned out, the very accommodating admin staff from SocialSpark approved my cashout from the first site and my PayPal account got credited for $17.50. Here's the proof:

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
Remember, you'll need a PayPal account before embarking on your online earning journey. So just click on the banner above to sign-up for free. It's a user friendly site and setting up is so easy. All right! But that's not all as there were a bunch of traffic exchange sites that had surf for cash  promos yesterday. I'm sharing them here today!

First site I'm featuring is my favorite: HitsBoosterPro.  I won't go into much details about this TE as I have previously featured it on my previous post. But what I'm sharing are the actual cash prize pages I got! Weeeeeee... Here they are:

So cool indeed from my fave TE! ^_^ The second site I'm featuring a site I recently joined based on a fellow surfer's recommendation. It's no other than Rainbow Traffic. Apparently this site offers lots of chances to earn cash on the side while surfing for credits and impressions. ^_^ Here are the proofs:

And if you're a fan of word completion, surf till you complete 'You are Surfing the Rainbow'  and get 100 credits bonus! ^_^ So there goes my adventure for that day. Remember that each day is a brand new day! Take that chance to make a difference each day! For the meantime, enjoy your weekend! Till next blogging time... Ta-tah! ^_^

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