Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HitsBoosterPro - Traffic Exchange As It Should Be

Today's featured traffic exchange is none other than my original favorite TE, HitsBoosterPro. When I started out dabbling in this internet marketing thing, I came upon HBP and found it very easy to use as a newbie. It has a free Platinum upgrade for 7 days when you first join. One of the reasons why I like it is 'coz I get to save up a lot of credits and banner/ text impressions. If you're not familiar with traffic exchanges, you can read up more about it in the tab "TE" in this blog. Anyway, surfing for credits is one of the important things about TEs. You need credits so that your sites can be shown to other surfers. 

I find HBP to be generous in terms of giving away prizes to surfers. It gives out loads of free credits and banner/ text impressions so that you can have your ads featured. In terms of surfing for cash, HBP does have a weekly contest that will win you $25. It's a bit tough to win in the contest though as there are lots of other surfers out there vying for the prize as well. I have yet to win in the cash games at HBP. However, prize pages are more common. Such as the sample below.

60 bonus credits on a regular surfing day is a treat for surfers like me. HBP timer is only for 6 seconds. That' s also a treat for surfers as you don't take a lot of time to build up credits. You also get 6 credits for every page you surf. Once a week, HBP doubles the credits per page viewed. That's really a treat for me. Here's another sample prize page, this time giving out banner impressions.

I was so impressed with HBP that I upgraded my account. I'm so glad that I did 'coz at that time, it had a really affordable Silver Account package. It still does, by the way. It's by far the cheapest that I've found. Here it is:

   (01) Silver Account Monthly - $3.95


Upgrade to a Silver Account and receive:
5:3 hit ratio
Add up to 10 sites
6,000 bonus credits each month
6,000 banner and text link impressions each month
600 site credits and 200 text and banner credits for each new referral
1:2 exchange rate on text and banner impressions
10% commission on direct referral upgrades and purchases

I guess it's also worth mentioning that HBP has consistently appeared in top ranking surveys for traffic exchanges, in the TOP 10, nonetheless! I'm really glad that I discovered it early on. If you haven't checked it out, do so now. Click here to join today! ^_^There goes another day of blogging.. watch out for more featured traffic exchanges! Have a great time! Ta-tah! ^_^

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