Friday, December 10, 2010

Cash Prizes Galore from Surfing

Thank God it's Friday! Woo hoo! Friday remains to be my fave day of the week, although I'm not a student or an office worker anymore. I guess there's something about looking forward to the weekend! ^_^ Anyway, it's time for another blog. Like I promised, I would be sharing about traffic exchanges (TEs) where I surf and earn cash as well. Never underestimate the little amount you get each time, for this small amount can add up in time! Before you know it, you can already request for payment. This has happened to me many times over already. My tab on 'I Got Paid!' is still in the works! I guess I'm just a bit stumped as to the design and what info to share. After all, it is also my intention to be of help to newbies who are in search of sound and valid programs on the Internet.

First off, TEs where cash is a bit hard to earn! Well, it's not that hard except it's kinda bit of a rarity! LOL ^_^ I consider myself lucky I guess to have won a cash prize. Nevertheless, it's a possibility. You may want to give it a shot. You might be luckier and get more! Hee hee..

Ok! This site gives out a prize page every 30 pages surfed. There are six 'claim prizes' buttons. But watch out for the 'sorry it's a loss' button! That was actually what turned me off at the onset. However, this site also has a matrix program which is worth checking out. I've upgraded in this site for the amount of $12/ quarter. For me, it's a worthy investment as it will give me a chance to surf for credits and earn in the matrix program as well. I haven't as yet earned anything. But I do now have 8 positions in the matrix. Just a few hundred more surfs to earn 2 more positions. I will definitely keep you posted when I do actually earn from it! Here's the cash prize proof: 

I joined this site as it occasionally has joint promo with Eternity Traffic. I wouldn't want to pass up the chance of earning more, esp. from raffle draws. I was surfing the other day here when I got this:

This site gives a prize page every 15 pages surfed. However, most of the time, you'll get credits or banners/texts impressions. Occasionally, you'll chance upon a cash prize. I have had in the past been luckier and have now accumulated $2.90 in TTP. But I'll need $10 minimum to cash out. Anyway, here goes the cash prize page:

Many may not know about this site. I didn't either until I got an email from the site owner to join and be upgraded for a few months in exchange for including his site in my promotion of surf to earn sites. I send out mail via safelists/ list builders when I can. It was from one of my emails that Bobby saw my promotion that led to his offer. Cool isn't it? This site offers regular cash $ 0.015 for every 100 pages surfed. Here are some samples of the links for claiming your cash:

That's where the claim link is - right under the surf bar. It's tiny but I made a screenshot just so you won't miss it! And here's what it looks like once you have clicked on that claim link:

My, oh my! This has become a long blog. But I might as well share what I've got so you won't miss out on a good thing! I like this site 'coz it's a bit different from the rest. It offers 'Guaranteed Views' and 'Credit Mailer' as additional prizes. These two features are great for affiliate marketers like me since I get to promote my programs additionally to all members via the features mentioned! It also gives out banners/ texts impressions generously. There's a word search game where you'll get 20 credits for finding all the letters. Surf rewards every 100 pages too. Here are the sample cash prize pages:

Well, last but not the least, I'm just excited to share about Traffic Showdown (again!). I was surfing within the week when the site had the surf bar promo on. In addition to credits, it gave out random cash prizes! I didn't notice at first so I actually missed out on 3 cash prizes!!! Here's the screenshot:

Additionally,  I also won another two times from the site raffle games! Here are the announcements:

Yeah! And so I truly like Traffic Showdown!!! If you haven't won, just hang tight! You might get lucky soon! ^_^ So there went another surfing day! More next time... Have a great weekend! Do spend it with your family and loved ones! Take care.. ta-tah! ^_^

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