Sunday, December 5, 2010

And It's December...

The last month of the year.. once again it gets me thinking, where did another year go? What have I done this year to make me a better person? Have I actually accomplished anything?? I'm in one of those reflective and nostalgic moods again. :P Sometimes though I tend to brush it aside and just try to focus on the task at hand. I remind myself that life is a journey.; that every day is a brand new day; that as long as one is breathing, there is something to look forward to every single day. Enough of gloomy thoughts.. let's get down to business! LOL! ^_^ 

I noticed that my blog of late has focused on making money online. Yep! That's what's keeping me busy these days, that's why! As you know I'm working from home on a full-time basis and am still on the journey to establishing that residual income. Patience is indeed a virtue and I've so far learned that Internet marketing is not as easy as one thinks. Sure I've read a lot of tips and how-to's. I've followed all the steps required and necessary. You sign up for a program that you believe in - check! You market your program in as many TEs (traffic exchanges) as you can - check! You sign up for some list builders and send out mailings as often as possible to as many members as possible - check! I do these on a daily basis. In fact I find myself working longer hours. Honestly, I have yet to see the cash flowing in. But I believe in what I do. I continue to try and gain more knowledge as required. At least I could say I'm learning a lot. In time I know I will get there eventually. For now, I continue doing PTC's -- a few pennies a day would add up too -- and pretty soon you could cash out here and there. I also gather info from fellow surfers on where to surf for cash -- TEs that give out cash while you surf to advertise your programs. To me that's like hitting two birds with one stone. ^_^ On top of that, you keep an eye out for valid programs that require little or no initial cash outlay. It is related to this last part that I would share with you about SuccessQUIK

You can read more about SuccessQUIK here. It is a part of the SafeAdZone Advertising Community, often known as the Quik Family Advertising Community. It has been in business for over three years and has nearly 25,000 satisfied members and customers. You can actually join for free and get 1000 Advertising Points for free!!! But if you're looking to build residual income, just like me, it would be worth checking out the $3,200 Income Staircase. What I like about it is there's no monthly fee. It's just a one-time fee of $6.95 for the first step. You can work your way up the ladder in your own time. I strongly recommend this program to everyone out there! 

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