Monday, December 20, 2010

Of Surfing & Winnings...

It's another Monday.. yup! 5days to go till the big day -- Christmas! I've been attending the dawn masses on TV daily. 'Tis indeed the first time I've done that! But all's good except my time zone has pretty much changed. LOL! ^_^ I've been working nights mostly these days. As usual, clicking on PTCs and surfing on TEs are part of my routine. I've got a great news though. I believe my website is ready. True, it's a work in progress but I'm working on it on a daily basis. My daughter made banners for me. This is the first time these banners are being posted. This is indeed the best place to share them. Anyway, click on any of the banners and it will take you to my site that I've aptly titled Raincrystal.

All righty, time for updates.. some more winnings from surfing that is! ^_^

First, there's the win at Traffic Showdown. I won 5000 text impressions! Cool huh? Here's the proof:

I keeping joining at TShow 'coz at least I get to win prizes! ^_^  It's tougher to win in some other TEs. Next is a site that I recently joined, Volcano Hits. Honestly, it's turning out to be such a cool site. So far I like surfing on it as you can also earn cash from surfing there. VH gives $0.01 (250), $0.02 (300), $0.03 (500) daily depending on the number of sites you visit daily. I usually settle for the middle one. He-he! Anyway, here's my winning from VH:

And last, but not the least, a major win at FairTradeTraffic. The funny part here is that I wasn't even aware of the win until I decided to check my cash balance on the site. I was surprised that the amount was bigger than I expected so I checked the daily credits and found out that I actually won $4.20. Wow! That's a major prize on a Friday special day surf. Here's the list of winners:

Although luck really plays a big part in winning anything at these raffle games and surfing promos, one can not discount the hard work that also comes into play. 'Coz if you didn't surf, you wouldn't even get a chance of winning at all! I'm so happy that my efforts somehow paid off. I'd say that second weekend of this month was lucky for me. Imagine I won multiple times at different traffic exchanges!!! I believe that it was an answer to my prayers too. ^_^ For that I'd say, God is good! 

My next update would be on the payments that I've received. Yup! I've received three payments to my PP account. But that would be for next time... so watch out for more updates. Till next blogging time.. but before I say ta-tah this time around, I would like to invite you all to join me in Samurai Hits.I have signed up as chat moderator there and I'd be happy to hear from you! ^_^

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