Friday, October 29, 2010

My Online Adventure (Part 3)

I believe this third part is long overdue. I must admit that I got a little caught up in surfing for credits and promoting the program I'm into. When I started out, I must admit I was looking for some sort of a guide or manual that will point me to the right direction. As a newbie, it's easy to get lost in the tons of ads and programs out there. That's the reason why I chose free programs over the ones that require some form of fee/s. Heck, I don't anyone who has actually made any money from any of the programs, so I would rather test the water first before jumping in. I also know that any form of money making would involve a lot of hard work and persistence. I'm not inclined to believe in 'get rich quick' schemes. 

To cut the long story short, after two months of being into PTCs, I decided to explore further and subscribed to a few splash pages. Well, I didn't know that's what they were called then. Basically, these are ads that have capture forms to type in your name and email add. Then they will send you information via e-mail.Well, the first program I signed up for was an autoresponder. In case you want to know more about it, feel free to type in your info into the capture form found on this page and I'll send you a report directly to your email. ^_^

Okay, so one day I was surfing and chatting on this TE (traffic exchange) site, still busy promoting my TrafficWave Autoresponder program,when someone suggested that I check out TE Profits.Well after some reading, I readily signed up for free. I'm really glad I did 'coz it's like I found a map, the guide that I've been looking for when I started. It gives you a free report that explains in detail the set up and the steps needed when you're starting out. Click the image below to get your free copy. Right now, I'm busily promoting that. Like I mentioned in the first part, this story doesn't have an ending yet. I will indeed share updates from time to time. I'm quite confident though that with hard work and persistence, my efforts will be rewarded. I'm sharing it here 'coz I want you to get the chance of finding a good program that could help you earn that extra income you need and want. 

Before I end this part, I asked permission from Mark Such to share the link to his website. He is the fellow that recommended TE Profits to me. I'm truly thankful for his continued help. Do check out his site! Well, that's it for now. I gotta go and work on promoting my program. Till next blogging time. Ta-tah! ^_^

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Online Adventure (Part 2)

Yup! This is the second part of my adventure. It is indeed a long story so I'm sharing it in parts. After all, I don't think anyone likes reading really long posts or articles. In the first part I talked about PTCs as a way to earn extra income online. I included a whole page on PTC in this blog. Feel free to explore the area and take a look at some of the sites I've joined. 

PTCs are not the only way to earn extra online, but in my opinion, they're the more regular ones as you're guaranteed to earn a little day by day. If you don't have a lot of time or don't spend much time online, there are sites that are low maintenance. All you need is to visit them once every 24 hours. Be consistent and patient and pretty soon you'll reap the rewards of your hard work. Yup! Hard work because you do need to wait a while before you can cash in. 

Paid to Blog
Actually my first venture in this online earning thing are sites that pay members to blog. I've excitedly signed up for a couple of them. This, however, is not a profitable venture. But you do get paid higher when your blog is approved. My first earning was $15 credited to my PayPal account. Of course, I had to wait a month before I got my pay. It was worth it though. This was from Blogsvertise. The other site I joined was SocialSpark. I've written two approved posts for them amounting to $17.50. However, I would need to accumulate an amount of $50 before I can cashout. I haven't had any luck since with offers to write blogs. It seems the opportunities are few and the bloggers are too many. 
Paid to Answer Survey
Another venture I've looked in are the survey companies. I vaguely recall which ones I've signed up for since offers are really almost nil. Perhaps I don't qualify for the surveys since I'm not a resident of the U.S. I have had offers from BuzzBack and GlobalTestMarket. Compensation could either be cash or market points. There are lots of other sites but most require some form of membership fee or sign up fee. I decided to steer clear from them. The fees are rather expensive ranging from $50 to $100. 

Paid to Read Email
These sites are similar to PTCs. There are really good ones too. Right now, I only have FusionMails and MatrixMail$. They're free to join so you can go ahead and sign up. Just like PTCs, it also takes time to accumulate your earnings.

Paid to Read and Rate Articles
Right now, I only have Readbud. It's free to join. You also get $5 for every referral you can sign up. Plus, you can choose 50 areas or topics of interest to you. I'm enjoying the site as I'm also learning a lot from the articles I've read and rated. The downside is, since I've passed $30, the articles are getting fewer. LOL! ^_^ Still, $0.50 per day is good enough earning. I'm waiting to get to $50 so I can cashout. I'll use it to fund my other online ventures. 

Well, that's it for now. I'm sure that when you do your research, you'll encounter a whole lot more of earning opportunities. I've focused more on the free to join programs. Paid programs and other really serious network marketing will be discussed in another part of this series. Till next blogging day.. enjoy your weekend! Ta-tah! ^_^

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Online Adventure (Part 1)

Oops.. it's been awhile again since my last blog. I must admit I've been caught up in my online adventure. I want to tell a story, but this story doesn't have an ending yet. It's being written as I write. It has been two months since I started exploring the ways of earning extra income online.It's a little too early to tell as to how well I'm doing at it. One thing for sure, it would take more than one blog to describe my adventures. Consider this the first part of the series.

Well, it wasn't easy at the start. I had to search and read about lotsa stuff. Plus, I didn't exactly have the funds to start out big, so I had to settle for free programs that pay. You don't get much from PTC (Paid to Click) sites at the start, but the amount grows as you click on daily and consistently. I guess the trick would be in how determined you really are to earn from it. You also have to do your homework like read reviews, comments, and feedbacks about the program before you actually jump in. Knowing that some sites can be considered as scam is also important. At the end of the day, you have to use your better judgment in order to do well and protect your interest. 

PTC is a good option for beginners. You can check out my PTC page for some of the PTCs I've joined. I must admit some programs are better than others. In fact, I've already posted some of the payment proofs I've received from these said sites. Clicksia, Incentria, OnBux, Clixteria, and IndoClix have all paid me. That's within my two months of joining. I've received approximately around $6.00 to date. True it isn't much. But how many people do get paid by being online? I figured that since I'm constantly online, I might as well earn from it. LOL! ^_^ 

If you think this kind of venture is for you, feel free to join me in my programs. I would welcome the extra earnings from having referrals. With that, I would leave you to think about PTC sites and explore ways of earning from them. Feel free to leave me a comment in case you have any questions. I'd do my best to help. Till next blog.. ta-tah! ^_^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspiring Messages

Today's blog is dedicated to my good friend, let's call her Peeds. That's what we fondly call her. I'm glad to have a friend like her who somehow never fails to inspire me. She loves to forward inspiring messages to my email and SMS or text. Today I just want to share two of her inspiring messages for everyone to read. Just as they light up my day, I hope that they will serve to brighten up yours too.
"God has a perfect plan for our lives;
He never does it all at once
just step by step because
He wants to teach us to
not by sight."

"The best way to walk is not by walking with nice SHOES...
But by walking with God..
Walk not only by "FEET" but with "FAITH" in your heart."

For me, friends are one of life's many blessings. I'm thankful for all the wonderful friends that keep me inspired. And somehow it doesn't matter if distances keep us apart. I'm glad that one way or the other technology brings us together. Today, find time to drop a line or two for people who make a difference in your life. Live life, laugh, and be inspired! ^_^ Till another blogging day.. ta-tah!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

PTC Pay Day

Yup! You read it right.. PTC pay day.. PTC as in 'Paid to Click'.. PTC sites may not generate the biggest income for you or me, but I don't mind getting a dollar or two once in awhile for my clicking efforts while online. Clicking and viewing ads online is pretty much the same as watching ad commercials on TV, except the former pays you for viewing. I have this colleague from work who signed up for some of the programs I recommended. But she's a bit impatient since she finds some of them slow paying. Well, the key is being consistent and patient. A little amount each day can add up in a month's time. For as little as time 30seconds viewing per ad, some sites pay $.001, while others pay $.01. This range is the norm I believe. Of course, there are sites that promise more like $1 or $10 per click. But until I got paid by these latter sites, I give them the benefit of the doubt. They may or may not be scam sites. Wasting a little with them may be okay for as long as you wait before investing any of your hard earned money on them. 

Clicksia is one of the sites I like going to each day. True, it only pays $.001 per ad, but throughout the day, the ads add up to 21 at the most. At least, that's what I've experienced. Aside from paid to click, it has paid to sign up offers. You can choose to sign up for other PTC sites from the offers listed and get credited from $.10 up depending on the offer. Of course, you have to comply with the requirements to get credited by the advertiser of said sign up offer. Clicksia also offers traffic exchange at a ratio of 0.8:1. That means you get 0.8 credit for every site you view. This credit in turn you can use to promote your other sites with them. One of the things I discovered was that Clicksia also pays you to promote your referral link. You get $.0001 per hit. It's not much but again it adds up in time. What I like about Clicksia is it pays, within two days. Here I will be sharing my second payment proof from them. (scroll down)

The other PTC site I'm going to talk about is Incentria. It is a sister site of Clicksia and pretty much has the same features: paid to click $.001 per ad, paid to sign up offers, traffic exchange 0.8: 1 ratio, paid to promote $.0001 per click. You have the option to upgrade membership on a monthly basis. You can also purchase advertising and referrals from both sites. Do check these both PTC sites out. I got my first payment from Incentria today as well. Both payment proofs will be shared here. (scroll down)

So if you happen to be online every day, I suggest you might as well explore the income earning potentials from PTC sites. I'm in need of referrals so feel free to join under me. Don't wait any longer. Start now and build up your daily earnings from clicking ads. 

Payment proofs: 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Palace Declares Oct. 25 as Special Non-Working Holiday

Woohoo! Another upcoming holiday this month. Here's the article from the Manila Bulletin website.

"Malacanang has issued Proclamation No. 84 declaring Oct. 25, 2010 as a special non-working holiday throughout the country in connection with the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections.
Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., who signed the proclamation on Oct. 6 and released it on Thursday, said it is imperative that the people be given the fullest opportunity to exercise their right to vote in the coming Barangay and SK polls."
Exercise your right to vote! Vote wisely! ^_^

Thursday, October 7, 2010


If you've ever been invited to any functions at all, you're sure to be familiar with R.S.V.P. What does it mean and what exactly is it? Perhaps the reason why I thought of writing about it is that I'm in charge of receiving RSVP calls at the office at the moment. The company has sent out invites to clients, friends, and other VIP's for an important event to take place around mid next week. 
According to wikipedia, in the context of social invitations, RSVP is a request for a response from the invited person. It is derived from the French phrase répondez s'il vous plaît, meaning "Please respond." Over 100 invites have been sent out. I naturally expected myself to be busy responding to calls from all those who have been invited. However, it seems that not everyone is familiar with RSVP. It is six days before the event and I have but received around only a dozen respondents. Well, perhaps a number of them confirmed attendance or non-attendance via a less formal way like talking to the bosses directly. LOL! ^_^ Well, in the event that you're invited to any event, remember to respond when you see an RSVP. I believe that's plain courtesy. :p Till next blogging time.. ta-tah! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clixteria Pays Again!

This is actually a follow up blog about the other day's entry. I got another cashout payment from Clixteria within 24 hours of request. For those who want to know more about it, just click on my link. Here are some of the benefits a free member gets when he/she signs up:

Member Benefits
>Accepts Worldwide Members
>15 Ads Minimum Daily
>Pays within 24 hours via Paypal/Alertpay
>Minimum Cashout $0.01 For First Month!(Then $0.10)
>Active Admin Support

My second proof of payment:

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Interesting New PTC Site

I recently joined this kinda new PTC site, Clixteria. It's actually just like other PTC sites where you get paid to click, to sign up, etc. However, they did advertise that there's only a $0.01 minimum payout via PayPal. I actually didn't believe it at first but gave it a shot anyway. Since I thought that 1 cent is a pretty small amount, I clicked on till I got to around 5 cents. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I cashed out my $0.05. I got it in less than 24hours. That's pretty cool. I hope they keep up the great work. Do join in if you haven't already. 

Here's the proof of payment:

Oh My... It's October!

What a way indeed to welcome the tenth month of the year! I woke up to a cloudy and rainy day.It's times like this that I wish I can just stay home and stay in bed. But alas! Work beckons. I'm glad just the same 'coz it's Friday! :D

Autumn comes to mind when I hear October. It's funny though 'coz we don't have four seasons in the Philippines. We only have the dry and rainy season. Hey, I'm not complaining. After all, we practically get summer weather all year round, except when it's typhoon season. :p It's now down to the last quarter of the year and I'm in a contemplative mood. I can't help but wonder where all the days and weeks have gone. It's time I guess to take a bit of a break from all the hustle and bustle of daily life and reflect on life's goals. I honestly don't know how far I've come since the start of the year. 2010 didn't exactly start out right for me or my family. We lost my dad even before the first month of the year has gone. I sometimes feel like I'm just cruising through the days, weeks, and months that came after that. But like I always say, happiness is a state of mind. So I just choose to be happy and thankful for each new day that comes along. 

Halloween also comes to my mind. Somehow, it doesn't bring scary thoughts. I don't know why but I simply love autumn. I hope one day I do get to actually experience this season. LOL! ^_^ Well, gotta go for now. I've still a few clickings and promoting to do at this time. Till next blogging time... ta-tah! Enjoy your weekend with loved ones and family! :D