Saturday, October 9, 2010

PTC Pay Day

Yup! You read it right.. PTC pay day.. PTC as in 'Paid to Click'.. PTC sites may not generate the biggest income for you or me, but I don't mind getting a dollar or two once in awhile for my clicking efforts while online. Clicking and viewing ads online is pretty much the same as watching ad commercials on TV, except the former pays you for viewing. I have this colleague from work who signed up for some of the programs I recommended. But she's a bit impatient since she finds some of them slow paying. Well, the key is being consistent and patient. A little amount each day can add up in a month's time. For as little as time 30seconds viewing per ad, some sites pay $.001, while others pay $.01. This range is the norm I believe. Of course, there are sites that promise more like $1 or $10 per click. But until I got paid by these latter sites, I give them the benefit of the doubt. They may or may not be scam sites. Wasting a little with them may be okay for as long as you wait before investing any of your hard earned money on them. 

Clicksia is one of the sites I like going to each day. True, it only pays $.001 per ad, but throughout the day, the ads add up to 21 at the most. At least, that's what I've experienced. Aside from paid to click, it has paid to sign up offers. You can choose to sign up for other PTC sites from the offers listed and get credited from $.10 up depending on the offer. Of course, you have to comply with the requirements to get credited by the advertiser of said sign up offer. Clicksia also offers traffic exchange at a ratio of 0.8:1. That means you get 0.8 credit for every site you view. This credit in turn you can use to promote your other sites with them. One of the things I discovered was that Clicksia also pays you to promote your referral link. You get $.0001 per hit. It's not much but again it adds up in time. What I like about Clicksia is it pays, within two days. Here I will be sharing my second payment proof from them. (scroll down)

The other PTC site I'm going to talk about is Incentria. It is a sister site of Clicksia and pretty much has the same features: paid to click $.001 per ad, paid to sign up offers, traffic exchange 0.8: 1 ratio, paid to promote $.0001 per click. You have the option to upgrade membership on a monthly basis. You can also purchase advertising and referrals from both sites. Do check these both PTC sites out. I got my first payment from Incentria today as well. Both payment proofs will be shared here. (scroll down)

So if you happen to be online every day, I suggest you might as well explore the income earning potentials from PTC sites. I'm in need of referrals so feel free to join under me. Don't wait any longer. Start now and build up your daily earnings from clicking ads. 

Payment proofs: 

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