Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Online Adventure (Part 1)

Oops.. it's been awhile again since my last blog. I must admit I've been caught up in my online adventure. I want to tell a story, but this story doesn't have an ending yet. It's being written as I write. It has been two months since I started exploring the ways of earning extra income online.It's a little too early to tell as to how well I'm doing at it. One thing for sure, it would take more than one blog to describe my adventures. Consider this the first part of the series.

Well, it wasn't easy at the start. I had to search and read about lotsa stuff. Plus, I didn't exactly have the funds to start out big, so I had to settle for free programs that pay. You don't get much from PTC (Paid to Click) sites at the start, but the amount grows as you click on daily and consistently. I guess the trick would be in how determined you really are to earn from it. You also have to do your homework like read reviews, comments, and feedbacks about the program before you actually jump in. Knowing that some sites can be considered as scam is also important. At the end of the day, you have to use your better judgment in order to do well and protect your interest. 

PTC is a good option for beginners. You can check out my PTC page for some of the PTCs I've joined. I must admit some programs are better than others. In fact, I've already posted some of the payment proofs I've received from these said sites. Clicksia, Incentria, OnBux, Clixteria, and IndoClix have all paid me. That's within my two months of joining. I've received approximately around $6.00 to date. True it isn't much. But how many people do get paid by being online? I figured that since I'm constantly online, I might as well earn from it. LOL! ^_^ 

If you think this kind of venture is for you, feel free to join me in my programs. I would welcome the extra earnings from having referrals. With that, I would leave you to think about PTC sites and explore ways of earning from them. Feel free to leave me a comment in case you have any questions. I'd do my best to help. Till next blog.. ta-tah! ^_^

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