Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspiring Messages

Today's blog is dedicated to my good friend, let's call her Peeds. That's what we fondly call her. I'm glad to have a friend like her who somehow never fails to inspire me. She loves to forward inspiring messages to my email and SMS or text. Today I just want to share two of her inspiring messages for everyone to read. Just as they light up my day, I hope that they will serve to brighten up yours too.
"God has a perfect plan for our lives;
He never does it all at once
just step by step because
He wants to teach us to
not by sight."

"The best way to walk is not by walking with nice SHOES...
But by walking with God..
Walk not only by "FEET" but with "FAITH" in your heart."

For me, friends are one of life's many blessings. I'm thankful for all the wonderful friends that keep me inspired. And somehow it doesn't matter if distances keep us apart. I'm glad that one way or the other technology brings us together. Today, find time to drop a line or two for people who make a difference in your life. Live life, laugh, and be inspired! ^_^ Till another blogging day.. ta-tah!

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