Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eternity Traffic - For Eternal Success

I decided that I would be sharing some of my insights on the different TEs or traffic exchanges that I surf in on a daily basis. I must admit that my list has grown tremendously that it is truly difficult to visit all the sites in a day. However, I couldn't help but have favorite sites where I visit on a daily basis. It would be worthy to mention why I like these particular sites. 

Today's featured site is Eternity Traffic. I really like this site as I not only get to earn credits for promoting my programs, I also get a chance to earn while surfing. E.T. pays $0.01 per 30 sites visited. I haven't cashed out yet as minimum payout is $25. You might think that is a huge amount. Well, it might be, but if you do surf regularly on a daily basis, at least you get to earn extra cash from it.

Here are some of the features that a FREE MEMBER gets:
10 sec timer
2:1 surf ratio
5:2 banner and text ratio
Multi Button Surfbar
 10% Residual Income
Sunday - Thursday: Surf Limit 1001 pages
Friday and Saturday: Surf Limit 1501 pages

In addition, there's reward for Active Surfers on a daily basis.
Surf 250 Pages
Receive 25 Credits or 100 Banner Impressions
or 200 Text Link Impressions

Surf 375 Pages
Receive 50 Credits or 250 Banner Impressions
or 400 Text Link Impressions
Surf 600 Pages
Receive 150 Credits or 600 Banner Impressions
or 800 Text Link Impressions

Surf 1000 Pages
Receive 300 Credits or 1200 Banner Impressions
or 2000 Text Link Impressions

Here's a sample of the prize page:

Join Eternity Traffic today! ^_^ That's it for now! Till next featured traffic exchange site... Ta-tah!

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