Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Day in the Life of...

Yup! This is part 6 of the series of my online adventure. I just thought I'd put in a new title for a change. ^_^ Well, my day wasn't exactly perfect as my referral backed out from the program due to personal reasons. I'm still challenged to this day as to how I can get people to sign up for MGI. Anyway, as I was hover surfing at


I met some real nice people there, Aviar & Max. Anyway, I was asking them pointers on how to get people to sign up when Aviar suggested I give her the link to my banner which she will then post on her website

She has a real cool website that features classic American TV shows that remain to be popular to this day. If you're a fan, I suggest you go ahead and check out Aviar's TV For All site. You won't regret it. I was challenged because I didn't really have a banner to use and asked if she knew of any good sites to make one. Ahh, talk about being a newbie in the field. Luckily, she recommended BannerBreak. The site is awesome as it has lots of templates to choose from. I ended up with a newly made banner which I slightly edited to personalize. Here it is

I guess the day wasn't so bad after all as I did learn something new again. Plus I met such a cool person as Aviar. ^_^ I hope that having my banner on her site would at least get more people to view my program. Before the day ended, I actually got another good news. I logged into one of the list builder sites I've enrolled in and discovered that I got chosen to receive 10,000 credits for clicking on some 30 ads. Wow!!! Talk about rewards for hard work huh? Of course, I believe that a little luck also helped. So if you're a member of the featured site below, try to exert a little more effort into reading ads. Perhaps you'll also win 10K credits next time around. Yey! ^_^

And so there goes another day in the life of... call it whatever you want tee hee...  Tomorrow's another day. I'll think about getting more signups tomorrow. After all, each day is a brand new day, a chance to make a difference. Till next time... ta-tah! ^_^

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