Monday, March 9, 2015

Official Postcrossing: Postcards from Germany

Here are the cards that I previously mentioned. They both came from Germany, from official Postcrossing members. 

Dieter from Germany

I'm amazed that there are some people who are truly picky or choosy when it comes to postcards. Some don't even like multiview cards like the one above. Frankly, I don't know what's not to like. I appreciate multiview cards. It's a great way to introduce one's own city, if you ask me. Then when there are views that are worth looking at, that's a good time to go for single view cards. Oh well, to each his own.

Yvonne from Germany

This card rocks! (Pun intended LOL! ^_^) The sender mentioned about some balancing art just like the photo. And true enough balance is indeed something we should all seek in our daily lives. Thanks for the reminder, Yvonne! I truly appreciate it! The postcard looks like it came from a postcard book. It seems to have perforation on one side. How I wish I could get hold of a really nice local postcard book. I haven't seen one yet. Perhaps I should start out an edition. I would love it, but then it would mean I would need to do the traveling and the picture taking myself! ^_^ Now that's a great idea! Perhaps someone with more financial capacity would read this and embark on this project! 

At the moment, I'm just waiting for one more card from official Postcrossing. One of my traveling cards is due to expire in 9 days -- uh-oh! In a way, that's pretty good as I get to send one again. But I do hate it when my card doesn't make it in time for the 60-day deadline. It's the first for me, and the destination is Colombia. It truly amazes me how come some cards travel a long, long time before reaching their new homes. 

Well, it's the start of another week. I truly look forward to Mondays and every weekday as I await the arrival of more postcards. These days I've added forum swapping to my activities. I guess I would be more picky when it comes to whom I swap with. Some swappers truly are irritating. I don't like sending blank cards.. lest alone in an envelope! Ugghh! Oh well, other than picky swappers, it's fun to send and receive postcards. More updates to come next time around...

Have a great week ahead! ^_^

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