Friday, March 13, 2015

Postcrossing Wonder

And I'm back for another couple of updates! ^_^ I'm sharing another two new postcards from random Postcrossing members. This batch is awesome, although I didn't receive them at the same time. One came a few days ahead of the other. Ooh, and that one card of mine that's traveling to Colombia is in danger of expiring soon... 5 days and counting... boo-hoo!

Leila from Finland
I love it that some members really take to heart your wish list. Leila from Finland went to France for vacation and shared with me a card of La Louvre. I totally loved it! I dream of visiting France one day too... esp. Paris. I would love to see the Eiffel Tower in person! LOL ^_^

Svetlana from Russia

Moscow Kremlin is on my wish list as well. And look what came today? It's from Svetlana, who's from Moscow, Russia. How awesome indeed! It's been 70 days since I joined Postcrossing, and for me, I'm doing a lot of traveling, albeit via these international postcards that I've been receiving. I simply love the cards and the stories from each sender. It's such a wonderful experience to also be able to share my own experiences.

Perhaps if there's something that I would need to work on, it would be local travel. Yup, I'd love to travel around my country more. I'd love to experience for myself the beautiful places featured on the different postcards that I've been sending out. That way, I would also have stories to tell. ^_^

Well, I've sent a total of 12 postcards now. Three more and I would be able to send an additional card. That would mean 7 traveling cards at the same time. The more traveling cards, the more that can be sent and received. Yey! 

Eventually I would need to organize my album into the different countries. Right now, I just upload each photo consecutively. It's not even arranged by country or continent. LOL! Soon... I hope...

Well, that's it for now! Till next update...

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