Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Postcard from South America

Just a quick update for today. I've received my first ever card from South America the other day. It's from the land of Pope Francisco, Argentina. Yey! It seems my cards take a long time to reach their destination there. In fact, one of my traveling cards got expired today, after traveling more than 60 days to Colombia. I truly wonder if it would ever be received. :(

Julio from Argentina

Pretty ad card, I'd say, although I would have preferred a view card. Oh well, perhaps next time around I'd get something nicer. ^_^

Lately, I'm into Postcrossing forum swapping. There are various themes and groups that one can join, although some take a longer time to be completed. However, I've noticed that forum swapping cards get sent faster than the ones I swap with on Instagram. I guess some swappers don't mail them out right away. I've still a few from a month back at least that I haven't received at this time. I hope they're not totally lost, wherever they may be. I'm still counting on receiving them... even if it takes more than two or even three months! Ugghh!

Well, till next update... ta-tah!

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