Sunday, May 31, 2015

Postcards Galore

It's been a few weeks since I last shared about my postcard collection. Well, I've gone a bit slowly in terms of direct swapping via IG. It's a bit of a hassle for me, that's why. Instead, I decided to focus on the official Postcrossing and Postcard United sites. Plus, there's the Postcrossing forum swapping. The latter has proven to be more reliable. To date, there are about three to four cards that I haven't received. Perhaps they have really been lost in the mail. Oh well, that's not so bad, is it?

Anyway, I was motivated to share this batch of postcards I've received mainly because they look nice. Even the stamps are worth sharing.

Monkey King postcard was sent via Postcard United from China. It's one of the first shaped cards that I've received. I find it interesting. Even the stamps look really nice. 

The Little Prince card and stamp. Castle card and stamp. Both postcards were from a fellow swapper on Postcrossing. Anja from Germany contacted me via private message to ask if I would like to swap with her. Normally, such direct swapping transactions are risky. But I agreed as I'd like to help her get some cards from the Philippines. Plus, there's really not much to lose for trusting fellow swappers, perhaps just a few nice cards. As it turned out, it was all worth it.

The above cute saying card came from Japan. It's a swap via the forum at Postcrossing. I find it cute and interesting. Even the stamps used were lovely. I do love the "Traditional clothes, festivals, and events RR" on the forum.

I'd say that a touristy card from Saint Maarten is rather rare. I'm so thankful that the fellow swapping with me went there for a vacation. I got this from the "Southeast Asia x World RR" forum at Postcrossing. Yey!

Last, but not the least, is an illustration card from Russia. I do so love lots of cards from Russia. Plus, the stamps used were really nice. 

Cards such as this batch that I've received recently are the main reason why I love exchanging postcards with other collectors as well. It makes me feel like I've traveled the world and been to places I could only dream of. That's it for now... I will definitely keep updating from time to time about my postcard collection. 

Have a nice weekend! Ta-tah >.<

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