Friday, February 27, 2015

Big Incoming Snail Mail from Postcrossing

I've been a Postcrossing member for almost two months now (56 days as of this writing). I must admit that I've been waiting for quite some time for more incoming mail from random members. The thing is I seem to be able to send out faster than I receive. It must be 'coz I mail out at the main post office in Manila. Nonetheless, I find the incoming process too slow. ^_^

Earlier, I got the surprise of my life when I found that I actually had 14 incoming mail. Yebah! It was truly a happy mail day for me! It's about time I keep getting my mails. After all, I've been mailing them out regularly. If you're a newbie at Postcrossing, you may need to wait a little while to start getting lots of mail. What works for me is that I also do postcard swapping via Instagram. Of course, it's not easy at the onset. There's always that benefit of the doubt whether the person you're swapping with will really send it to you. In my case, I decided to take a leap of faith. But I digress.

Back to Postcrossing, here are my 5 incoming official Postcrossing cards:

Joa from Oregon

The above card is from Oregon. It's an artist sketch in the early 1900s of a famous mountain in Oregon. It's kinda cool as I do like art illustrations. And finally I got a postcard from the US. 

Chris of Ohio

I truly liked the above card as it is both a map and a flag card. How awesome indeed! I've been trying to collect map cards from as many countries as I possibly can. Then, there's the US States map cards too. I find map cards a bit fascinating but they're a bit harder to trade for.

Irene of Germany
I liked this owl card a lot! One reason that I like owls is that I'm a night owl myself! I just happen to work better when all is quiet around me. ^_^ Anyway, it's from Irene who lives in a dairy farm. I bet that's pretty cool. I've been a city girl all my life and sometimes wish I do have a hometown.

from Finland
Although the above card had a nice message and stamps, it wasn't signed; so I couldn't tell who sent it. The sender must like being anonymous. It's awesome since I do like cards featuring light houses. I happen to find them interesting. Some day I'm going to visit and climb a real light house! ^_^

Hedy from Taiwan
This one came from somewhere closer to home -- Taiwan. One of the good things I like about sending or receiving cards to/fro Taiwan is that it takes less than two weeks for mail to arrive. Yup! So far it's the fastest send or receive for me! Plus, Taiwan has a lot of really nice cards that I can't find much of in the Philippines. I'm always on the lookout for good local cards to send out.

Anyway, that's my biggest incoming mail from Postcrossing so far. I dream that one day I will be receiving a postcard a day for each day of the year!!! ^_^ How awesome would that be indeed!

Well, till next update folks! Ta-tah!

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