Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Postcards from Postcard United

After being a Postcrossing member for more than a month, I came across another site that was apparently an offshoot of Postcrossing. It sure looks like a newer site and not as high tech as the previous one. Just the same, I signed up as I'm enjoying this postcard sending thingy. Plus, I've been doing some purchases of postcards more than the usual and I don't want to be stuck with a hoard of them. I might as well find folks that would want to receive some local postcards from me. 

Enter Postcard United, where I'm also a member now. The difference here is that you could send as many as 7 postcards at the beginning. Then you'll have to wait till all of them are received before you'll get an increase. So far, only one of my sent cards has been received... the one that went to France, which traveled for approximately 11 days. 

I decided to post about it 'coz I received two postcards yesterday that were from random members of Postcard United. 

Diana from Germany

The first one is from Germany. I really loved this four seasons card. And I love it more 'coz it features a lighthouse! ^_^ 

Michael from England
The second one is from England -- yey! It's the first card from there that I've received. ^_^ This hobby is indeed getting very interesting. Now, I feel like I'm fulfilling my bucket list of traveling the world... this time in postcard mode. ^_^

I can't wait to receive more postcards in the coming days, weeks, months, and years! Right now, here are the albums of my postcard collection: Official Postcrossing|Postcard Swapping on IG|Official Postcard United. ^_^

Till next postcard update... ta-tah! 

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