Sunday, February 8, 2015

Officially A Postcrosser

I'm back... with good news too! I consider myself to be officially a Postcrosser now! How so? Last week, I finally received two Official Postcrossing postcards! ^_^ Yebah! 

Angela from Germany

One of the cards was from Angela of Germany. It features a lighthouse -- one of the view cards I would love to receive. What a great way to start my postcard collection!

Heidi from Norway

My second card is from Heidi of Norway. It is a map card of Heidi's hometown. What a lovely map card indeed! It's my first one too! There are indeed lots of map cards of the different countries. I would love to start a map card collection, but they're a bit too difficult to swap for. I wonder how many map cards I would actually get to collect, huh? ^_^

As of this writing, 4 of my postcards have been received, so I'm like expecting two more postcards from Official Postcrossing. I actually need one more in order to have six simultaneously traveling postcards. ^_^ 

I can't wait to send and receive more postcards! Till next update... ta-tah!

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