Friday, February 20, 2015

My Postcrossing Update

I've been a member of Postcrossing for more than a month now. Just thought I'd log some updates. So there, I have sent 7 postcards that have been received. How awesome! I hope that means I would be receiving more postcards soon. I have yet to receive any since the first week of February when I got two at the same time. ^_^

For the meantime, I've been stacking up on local postcards as well as doing some postcard swapping on Instagram. I must admit I'm not too fond of direct swaps, but that is one good way of completing one's collection of postcards, esp. the rare ones.(My Postcards - received from various swaps on IG)

I've also accepted an invite recently to join a forum group that does personal swaps of postcards under a moderator who organizes the categories as well as the participants. I signed up for a couple of groups, but have yet to belong to a completed group. That would give me ample time to fill in the needed postcards for each group. 

Well, it's another Friday today. We're coming from a holiday -- Chinese New Year celebration; today it's back to work & school. I sure hope I will start receiving more postcards soon. I'm still expecting a bigger batch from all the postcards that I have already sent out. Inshallah!

Till next post and update... Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate! 

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