Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekend Movie Night with Kingsman: The Secret Service

My daughter and I actually watched this movie on the night of the Chinese New Year. She was the one who recommended it after seeing the trailer, saying it was a really cool action movie. Apparently it was some British spy movie. Since I'm a James Bond 007 fan, I figured why not check it out. As it turned out, it was such a fun movie to watch. However, it's rated R-16, so better bring along some ID's, esp. if you look younger than 16. LOL! ^_^ My daughter was almost not allowed to watch it.. and she's 19! >.< What a moo!

Overall, it was such a fun movie to watch, not so serious as some Bond movies, but not as wacky as Austin Powers. Newcomer Taron Egerton looked hot after the transformation! ^_^ I read somewhere that there's going to be a sequel. I sure hope so as I'm going to wait for it!

Till next random update... ta-tah!

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