Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leftover Winnings from 2010

I have meant to write about these winnings before the year turned, but too many happenings were going on. Plus, the New Year is my fave time of the year and I somehow was more focused on welcoming it. LOL! ^_^ All righty, a few days down the year and I still have these to share. Here are some more winnings from surfing at my regular sites:

I won this from joining the surf promo between Eternity Traffic and StrikeControl.

This was a win from a three-way surf with Website Traffic Hog, Samurai Hits, & Electrifying Hits. I didn't win in the other two sites, but at least I won in one of them. LOL!

Double winnings at Volcano Hits. Yey! ^_^ I just joined VH when it had a surf promo with Eternity, but have grown to like surfing at the site! You can surf for cash in VH too. That's what I do. And occasionally, I win cash prizes from the prize pages.. like this one..

Here's my win at Traffic Showdown. It's another site that I truly like. Both VH and T.Showdown have daily blogs that I visit. Leaving a comment earns me credits that I truly appreciate. 

I recently won credits again at T. Showdown. Woohoo! The winnings are part of the reasons why I enjoy surfing at the different sites. Earning credits for my program is of course a big part of it, but earning cash on the side is indeed a bonus! ^_^ Here's from another new site that I joined recently, Astrology Surf.

I also won a one-month Top Level upgrade at AS. Yey! ^_^ So cool huh? I hope I keep winning at these TEs as they do add to income too! :D Well, that's it for now.. I will definitely keep you posted with my online earning adventure. In the meantime, I need to sit down, reflect, and plan my goals for the days, weeks, and months to come! It is Year 2011 already! ^_^ It's a perfect time to leave the past behind and move onwards to the future. Here's to a BETTER YEAR AHEAD! Till next blogging time... ta-tah! Do visit my website for more about my online earning adventure...

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  1. Contests are becoming common in traffic exchanges. It's a great way to engage members! You are quite the lucky winner, Rain! Keep up the winning streak :)



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