Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day to Remember

I can't believe how time flies indeed! Today is the first death anniversary of my dad. I still somehow can't believe he's really gone. We have not been really close the few years prior to his passing, and yet I do miss the times when he was such a part of my life, esp. my growing up years. For some of you who have lost a parent or a loved one, you'll probably understand when I say that things don't really get better.True, time passes and the pain goes but you just somehow miss the fact that you'll never see them again. Then again, when a person becomes so much a part of you, they're never really gone. I guess I just want to remember this day solemnly and pass the time quietly. It's the perfect time to sit back a bit and reflect on life's teachings. Life is too short to be spent being bitter or sad. Besides, there is hope for as long there is tomorrow. ^_^ Pardon the melodramatic entry today. I just want to remember the day. It will be back to online work pretty soon. Till next blog... ta-tah!
Oh and do take the time to spend it with your loved ones. Show how much you love and appreciate them while they're still around :D Have a great day!

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