Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Piolo Jose!

Glitter Words

Today, I want to blog about something from the lighter side of life. Yes, there is more to life than Internet marketing. I've been doing it constantly for the past three months that I do feel the need to take a break once in awhile from the monotony of life. You see, long before I discovered that one can actually earn money online, my surfing life consisted mostly of doing research for my graduate studies, getting more friends on friendster, posting in a celebrity forum, meeting with fave celebrities and sharing pics via my multiply account. Then came facebook and I was drawn into the various game applications! LOL ^_^ 

Now, I'm sharing a little something from that past. Tomorrow, January 12th is the natal day of Piolo Jose Pascual. PJ, as people who know him well call him, is a well-known local celebrity. In fact, he is branded as "the ultimate heartthrob." He can not only act very well, but he can also serenade you with his ballads. He is truly a talented artist. I started liking him when he starred in this tv series that I really liked, Lobo. (Just click on the links for more info) Anyway, I'm just thankful that with the help of some friends, who are avid Piolo Pascual fans, that I was able to meet him up close and personal a few times. PJ is truly a nice and sweet person. I'm sharing here my fave picture taken with PJ way back when he was still taping for Lobo (TV series).


Thank you for being kind to us during our taping visits in the past. I wish you all the best that life has in store for you! ^_^ 

For more about my past escapades, you can visit my multiply site: Rose's World

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