Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Page on Facebook

Internet marketing is not a joke. It's definitely not as easy as you would think either. I've been working my butt off these past months and I've been reading up too on various ways to drive traffic to one's sites. I'm doing my best to accomplish as much as I can in order to make this venture a successful one. No, I'm not rich yet and residual income isn't on autopilot yet, but I did know it's not going to be quick or easy to accomplish both when I decided to walk down this path. What is important at this point is to set mini goals for myself. So far I've been able to achieve them little by little. There's much work to be done still at this point. And I'm still holding on. 

In my previous post, I posted a video that I uploaded on YT. And I'm just thankful that I've a talented daughter to help me with that. In this post, I'm sharing the Facebook page I made for my online earning adventure. It's a work in progress, but I intend to add as much information as I can in order to reach more people. After all, I don't just intend to establish residual income to benefit myself and my family, but I also want to reach out and help newbies out there who want to start out in this venture. The more successful people out there, the better for everyone else. I do believe that there is abundance in the world and that wealth must be shared. Here's the screen shot of my Facebook page:

My Facebook Page
So far I've invited FB contacts to "like" my page. In the event that you also have a Facebook account, I'm inviting you to check it out. I hope you'll like what you see and add your "like" to my page too. Thanks in advance! ^_^

Well, gotta go for now. I still have marketing task to work on. Till next blogging time.. have a great weekend everyone! :D

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