Sunday, January 16, 2011

Your Own Website -- For Free!


Yes, you are correctly reading this. One of the basic things that an Internet marketer needs is his/ her own website. When you are new to the field, it is but natural to be a bit limited in terms of financial resources. Until that elusive residual monthly income is set, you want to cut as much cost as you can. One of my fellow surfers and good online friend referred me to this site, and this is now where my website "Raincrystal - My Online Earning Adventure" is hosted. Check it out too if you need a website for your online marketing needs. 

If you need 468 x 60 banners such as the one above, check out Just click on the link or the banner below.

If you need 125 x 125 banners, on the other hand, I googled and found this other site. It has a lot of very nice templates that you can work around. The site is Here are some of the samples I made for my website:

All righty! Those are some of the resources I'm using at the moment. I would share more as I go along my journey. I hope that it would be helpful to all who are wondering where to find such resources. Tune in for more next time! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! ^_^

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