Sunday, January 30, 2011

And Another Month Comes to an End... (January 2011)

Yes, it's one of those days when I'm not feeling quite up to it. True, I love the weekends. Although since I've started working from home, there's not much of a difference. LOL! At least I work in my own time, my own way. Plus, there's time to do some offline freelance stuff. Well, if there's something lacking right now, it would more support from family on what I do. But I don't dwell on that. I'm just bent on making this work out fine, and I'm working towards that day by day. I somehow know that all will be well.. soon! :D

OK so now onwards to more updates. What's keeping me busy? Lots of stuff! There's my daily PTC visits and there are the traffic exchanges I go to daily to keep promoting my programs and network with other online marketers. Aside from my website ( that I'm trying to improve and promote, I also put up a page on Facebook ( I'm promoting that as well to all friends and basically everyone interested in online earning opportunities. It's a work in progress and I'm still working on updates and improvements for that page. So many stuff in planning that sometimes 24hours doesn't seem enough. LOL! ^_^

So here are some good results from surf promos I've joined this month. I must admit that I put them together so I can create a single blog entry. Sometimes, one tends to be lazy too. :P I've been surfing Grade A Traffic for a while. It's a good site owned by Jason Wise who also runs The10KTeam and AdsandCash. I'm happy to say that I'm a member of both as well. I did stop surfing in that site since I wasn't winning much and that somehow discouraged me. But then I added a tracker link there and saw some really good feedback so I decided it would be a good move to start surfing GAT actively once again. I'm happy to share these unexpected winnings too. I hope these won't be the last of them. LOL!

unexpected win at GAT
won credits - finally!

Naturally I didn't pass up a chance to surf 350 and earn $1 at ChessAds. I think it's really cool that you just input a code, surf the required sites and voila! get credited right away. I believe that more TEs should have this feature. Here's the proof:

And of course, I'm a regular at Eternity Traffic and I do join surf promos there once in awhile, mostly those with TEs I'm a member of already. Here are results from promos with Website Traffic Hog and SkyScraper Surf. No, I don't always win.. but I do get lucky sometimes. ^_^ Here's some more proof:

How cool is that, huh? I'm just happy that my hard work is paying off. Last for now is the surf promo between Traffic Showdown and Volcano Hits. That was for celebration of Australia Day. Woohoo! 

Of course, I always surf at Traffic Showdown and it has lots of really good prizes daily! Plus, you do earn $0.30 per 1000 sites visited, but you need to be an upgraded member. That's a recent change in the site. I guess the move is to weed out surfers who are just out to surf for cash and not really serious about online marketing. Well, that's it for now.. I gotta get back down to some serious surfing and marketing. Till next blog... ta-tah! ^_^

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