Monday, May 17, 2010


Another week has passed and I haven't updated my blog. Ahh time flies by so fast. Now that I'm working, all I want to do when I get home is rest and watch a bit of cable or play my games on facebook. It's a bit hard to be thinking all the time. Sometimes I just want to go with the flow of life.. in a calm and relaxed mode.. drifting as the current flows.. mindless and thoughtless. Sure, that's not the way to go through life, but it just feels right sometimes. Here I go blabbering again. LOL! ^_^ So where is this blog headed? Beats me, I'd say. I just felt like pouring out my random thought.. guess this qualifies as such.. which is what this blog site is all about, right? :p

Well, my fave tv show had its season finale over the weekend. Thank God for the Internet as I'm updated with all the episodes. We get the show on cable but it's like only halfway through. I couldn't wait that long as the suspense is killing me. When I've gathered my thoughts, perhaps I'll blog about Supernatural and my thoughts on seasons past. It's a really cool show and I would love to watch it again and again. For now, like the other fans, it's hellatus season, till season six begins. Yup that's 'hell' and 'hiatus' put together. Good thing there are the dvd's I can rewatch time and again. :) Well, so much for thinking and blabbering. There goes another blog. See you again once another random thought pops up. Ta-tah! ^_^

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