Friday, June 25, 2010

Natal Day

I know that this is a bit overdue, by a week to be exact! Nevertheless, 'tis better to be late than.. never mind! LOL ^_^

Okay, so it's one of those days when something hits you. Then you somehow get curious and explore that thought. It's one of those days for me today. So, what am I blabbering about? I just thought I'd search for information about a particular date: June 18! So there I was on wikipedia.

I didn't even know that there's such a page on wiki :p It's somehow interesting to compile such infos on my blogsite.. just for my reference too! There are even interesting international sites on this special day. Here they are:

I've known for a fact that University of the Philippines Diliman celebrates this day as its foundation day. I know because that's where I've graduated from. In my years at the university, I've been happy celebrating our birthdays together. LOL ^_^

Now here's another interesting thing I found out. Apparently, the province of Benguet also celebrates this day as its Founding day and that on this day, it's a Special Non-working Public Holiday in Benguet.

Things that you do find when you search for them, huh? I got pretty interested that I focused on one special date back in time.. June 18, 1970. Of course, I was too young to remember anything then :p So here goes...

The United Kingdom general election of 1970 was held on June 18, 1970, and resulted in a surprise victory for the Conservative Party under leader Edward Heath, who defeated the Labour Party under Harold Wilson. (source:

Katie Derham, British newsreader
Robin Christopher, American actress
Greg Yaitanes, American television and film director

Lovely, isn't it? I couldn't quite believe what I'd find when I started searching. Perhaps on another good day, I'll work on another day in time. Till then, have fun reading.. and have a wonderful weekend! :D Oh, and it's the death anniversary of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I still can't believe that it's been a year! How time flies by! Till next blog.. Ta-tah! ^_^

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