Monday, July 5, 2010

And So It's July

Sophias Style Baby Girl Accessory PINK PRINCESS BIRTHDAY PARTY HAT $29Now, more than half of 2010 is gone. Where did it go? Heck! I wish I knew. It seems I've been busy lately that I kinda stalled a bit on blogging. Anyway, I'm getting back to it now. I've a lot more ideas in the back of my mind. I know, i know. I've been procrastinating. But I'm working on changing that beginning today! :p It's my daughter's birthday today. Time was when I'd get so hyped on planning a kiddie party for her. She's a bit grown-up for that now. Gosh, now I feel old. LOL! ^_^

4lb Blueberry CheesecakeAs far as I remember, I've never been too fond of birthday celebrations. I don't even know why. But I do like the cakes that are usually served on these occasions, esp. if they're chocolate cakes or blueberry cheesecakes. Yummy! :D

Speaking of birthdays and birthday celebrations, have you ever wondered about their origins? I sometimes do. It's a good thing there's the Internet to search for that. Here's an interesting site: Origins and Meanings of Birthday Traditions. It's sometimes amazing what you find if you search for information. You just have to be patient and to love reading. Well, if some information are interesting, still there are those that can be a bit disturbing, such as this site: Are Birthday Celebrations Christian? But the bottomline is the reader still gets to decide what he/ she wants to believe in. On my part, I just appreciate how much information is in our hands with just a click away. And so I leave you with another day of blogging. Here's to more thoughts in the days to come. Ta-tah! Have a nice week ahead! :D

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