Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Scrapbooking and Teleserye Queen

Claudine Barretto Drama Collection - Philippine Tagalog DVD Movie
I've dabbled with scrapbooking every now and then. It's one of those interests I've always had. I didn't take formal lessons on it nor do I consider myself the expert in that field, but I'm quite confident in my artistic and creative skills. I've made a few scrapbooks already, one of which was of my Bangkok tour with my friends. I sometimes just make use of whatever supplies I have on hand. Other times, I buy stickers or scrapbooking papers and stuff. So now perhaps you're wondering why I'm talking about scrapbooking and teleserye queen huh? Well, that's 'coz I recently made another scrapbook. The topic was none other than teleserye queen Claudine Barretto. Well, some people may not agree, but as far as I'm concerned, Ms. Barretto is my teleserye queen! :D 

I'm going to share a few pages from my 25-page scrapbook   of Claudine. That's the cover page right there on the left. I was rather amazed when she appreciated my work. She even hugged me tightly after signing my scrapbook. That kinda inspired me to share the fruit of my labor with the world. Personally, I find my scrapbook rather simple. I used mainly my artistic instinct to put together what I believe looks nice. Of course, when you're scrapbooking you also need to consider budgetary constraints. I made it simple and practical yet appealing and impressive. 

I simply used construction papers for each page. Then I added the pictures, magazine cut-outs, or articles. Lastly, I filled in the open spots with stickers or scrapbook design stuff. That's the inside cover page on the right. Since Claudine is not only a celebrity but also a mom, I thought it best to start the scrapbook with pictures of her with her family. Looks cool, huh? :) I actually had only a few days to put together the whole scrapbook so I did a lot of research in terms of Claudine's pictures, movie posters, articles. I'm so glad there's the Internet plus my mom's collection of showbiz magazines as resources.

The meet and greet with Claudine Barretto was actually her post-birthday celebration with her fans, the Claudinians. I came across the announcement on her fan page on facebook and signed my mom up since she's the original fan of Ms. Barretto. We were so happy that we were invited to join the group. Even happier when we got the chance to get close to Claudine and have some pictures taken. She's such a warm, kind, and sincere person that I got to like her even more after the event. How I wish more celebrities are like her -- lovely and beautiful inside and out! Well, the scrapbook wouldn't be complete without a few pages of her filmography.
It has been awhile since she starred on the big screen. Her last movie was the blockbuster hit, Sukob, which she co-starred with Kris Aquino. That was a scary movie! LOL :p It was slightly more difficult to search for Claudine's tv projects. But they needed to be included as well. I was able to come up with two pages of her former tv shows.
From her still ongoing show, Claudine, a weekly drama series on GMA7 to the earliest one that I could find. I'm missing some since they aren't that easy to find online. Claudine Barretto after all became well known from all these teleserye shows. My favorite parts of the scrapbook are her photos. These were taken at various pictorials for product endorsements or even promotional pictures. I just think it's peachy that we've got the Internet to find all these. I'm going to share five pages of her photos which are printed in wallet size. I designed the layout of each page as creatively as I could so they wouldn't look monotonous or repetitive. Claudine really has a lot of pretty pictures, but I just chose the ones I like best. Here they are...


I truly enjoyed this round of scrapbooking. I'm looking forward to more scrapbooking moments, whatever or whoever the topic may be. It would be great if I could also turn this hobby into income potential. But that's another story altogether. Anyway, I'm just happy to share my work. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! Till next time... ta-tah! T.G.I.FRIDAY!!!!! :D 

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