Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Focus on Your Goal

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All right! This blog is a huge reminder for myself on how I should work on focusing on my goals and not get caught up in the drama of real life -- more like the drama of other people's lives!!! I've lived the life of an "almost recluse" for the past two years with little or no external influences. Working as a freelance tutor gave me the chance to spend more time with myself. I'm thankful for the experience as I've learned to reflect and meditate more. True, that option may not exactly be the most pragmatic. I mean the sacrifices I had to make! No luxuries, no extravagance, just living a simple life and sticking to the basics. :p Even I couldn't believe it that I had survived those two years! In the process I realized that I've learned a lot about life and living in those two years of "non-existence." I've actually become philosophical and have asked myself questions such as "what's the purpose and meaning of my life?".. "what's the most important thing in my life - something I can't live without?".. "what simple pleasures do I enjoy most on a day to day basis?".. questions that perhaps only a dying person will ask himself/ herself.. :p I would like to believe that I have found the answers to most of my life's questions. I would like so much to remember them and focus on them, especially now that I'm back in the mainstream -- working, commuting -- exposed once again to external influences, some beneficial, others negative and detrimental. I'm talking in a general sense, of course. But I might as well be talking about other people.. like "my workplace" people! :p "Wushu!" like what I would say when I want to ward off negative vibes around me. LOL ^_^ I don't dwell on the negative and would rather focus on the positive energies surrounding me. In my own way, I believe in the law of attraction -- that you attract what you think about. So from this day, I'm working hard on focusing on my goals. After all, I've set new ones this year. Oh and for the rest of you out there, I suggest you do the same! :D Let's find more time to meditate and reflect and use the power of positive thinking! Ta-tah! See you all next time!
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