Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happiness is.......

Being Happy!
The Psychology Wiki defines happiness as "an emotional or affective state that is characterized by feelings of enjoyment and satisfaction." To me, happiness is and always has been a state of mind. If you want to be truly happy, THINK happy and BE happy! ^_^

One of the first books I've read on the matter is Being Happy by Andrew Matthews. Although I couldn't say that I agree 100% with all his ideas, I couldn't deny that some of them are valid. Take, for example, some people whose lives seem to be full of dramas. Is it really true? Or are they the ones creating it in their lives? Following the principle of the Law of Attraction, these people may just simply be attracting what they're thinking. LOL!

But have you really thought about what happiness is? Is it fame or fortune that brings happiness? Is it family and loved ones? Is it wisdom and knowledge? Or power perhaps? Hmm, come to think of it, I don't have a ready answer for that one. Maybe it depends on who's looking. After all, your concept of happiness may be different from mine. Like when my fave brand of instant coffee can make me happy while yours has got to be Starbucks coffee. :p Based on that, I suppose happiness is what we make of it. It may mean that each of us has our own definition of the concept. I must admit that I got my inspiration from reading an article on The World's Happiest Countries. We as a nation and as a people may not be on the top list, but I personally believe that we are not less happy than any other people in the world. :D

To end this blog for today, I just thought of inserting a video from youtube of my favorite Happiness song from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!" Remember, THINK happy and BE happy! ^_^

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