Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For the Musically Inclined

Alvarez AD80SSB Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst

For her birthday, my daughter bought an acoustic guitar. She had been meaning to buy one for quite some time now. Finally, she's resolved to learn how to play the guitar. As for me, I've been quite curious about it too. So far, I've been searching and reading through whatever I can source out from the Internet. There happen to be lots of sites for newbies that I happen to find very helpful. Take this site for example: Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar. You can surf around the links. There are lessons for beginners and advanced players alike. You can even sign up for free guitar course. There are also a few free lessons on JamPlay. Cool isn't it? The web is such a rich source of information. Another cool website I found is Jamorama. I signed my daughter up for the free introductory course for beginners. But since she was busy with school work, I decided to try the lessons out myself! :D Boy, the videos that went with the lesson really helped a lot. Of course, you won't become a guitar player overnight, so after about an hour of self-learning, I had to stop. My fingers were already sore by then! LOL ^_^ I got to admit it won't be easy to learn to play but with the right motivation and interest, it won't be impossible.

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